Serbian students win 3rd place at global case study competition

The presentation day of Belgrade Business International Case Competition 2014 was held on Sunday, April 6, at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences.


Students of 12 universities from USA, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Portugal, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and Serbia, after 30 hours of case cracking, gave their best to present their solutions and answer questions of the jury consisting of 14 top managers and consultants of the leading companies in Serbia.

The case was given by Danubius company which is a part of Delta Holding. Students were faced with a real business challenge – to increase consumption of pasta at local market as well as to draft an export plan in order to place Danubius brand on new markets.

Marija Desivojević Cvetković, Vice President of Delta Holding and one of the jury members, accentuated the importance of this competition: “The most competitive advantage today is knowledge. Knowledge is what separates successful and unsuccessful companies, successful and unsuccessful economies. This is why Delta is focused on continuous support of education, in the first hand of successful students and faculties. Belgrade Business International Case Competition is important for us because it represents a direct connection of Serbia with the world, which is the only way to exchange knowledge and to follow trends in developed countries. I believe that, thanks to this successful cooperation, today we are one step closer to our common goal, which is to increase quality of educational system in Serbia in order to secure for us and our children a better place to stay.”

This year’s winner is team from National University of Singapore, whose students defended last year’s title. Second place went to Queensland University of Technology, while the third place was split between University of Belgrade and University of Porto. Members of team from University of Belgrade team were Katarina Mirković, Maša Sretenović, Luka Važić and Iva Mišović under the mentorship of Aleksandar Bijelić and Ana Ivanović.

“We gave our best to pick the subject which will be interesting for students from all around the world. Pasta industry and example of a leading company on Serbian market, Danubius, was a big challenge for all of them. There were many great suggestions based on good case practices from abroad and analysis of consumer behavior in Serbia. The most talented students gave their recommendations for future marketing and sales strategy of the company, which could strengthen position of Danubius brand on the local and new markets.”, said Vesna Damnjanović, managing director of the competition.

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Commission pledges to investigate RTS bombing case

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the death of the technical staff of TV Belgrade on April 23, 1999, the Commission for Investigation of Murders of Journalists is informing the public and the families of the victims that it will investigate the crime thoroughly and completely.

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Agreement on Understanding to build Safe House in Vranje

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