WEBIT Award for "The Battle for the Babies“

B92 Fund and Advertising Agency Saatchi & Saatchi won First Award for the campaign “The Battle for the Babies“ in the category of humanitarian projects at the WEBIT Congress in Sofia, Bulgaria.


WEBIT is focused on the accomplishments in the field of digital and IT industry, established with the goal of contributing to enhancement of digital industry and creativity in Central and Eastern Europe.

Big humanitarian campaign “The Battle for the Babies“ has been launched on September 1, 2011. After less than two months since its inception, it had gathered funds for the purchase of 90 new incubators! Raising funds for purchasing 100 new incubators for the youngest and the most vulnerable citizens will be the biggest success of this campaign. In this battle, led by the smallest and the bravest fighters, the biggest award is life!

Successful battle for achieving such an important goal through efficient use of digital media is recognized by WEBIT expert jury.

“The Battle for the Babies“ carries such a strong idea that it managed to unite people, to arouse their feelings and desire to unite in the battle for the common cause. On the awarded website, the citizens could choose their military rank and the way in which they want to participate in this campaign. The recruits can vote for the companies they deem socially responsible, and for which they believe that they could offer help. Born heroes and veterans can post their life stories on the site. The paramedics can forward information on their hospitals, exchanging experiences and announcing their needs. Guerilla units can download materials from the site and take action on the streets, while midfielders send out circulars to the individuals and companies. Every company which donates incubator becomes a Hero Company. Every day, more and more companies and individuals join our battle lines and with their contributions assist our babies in winning this decisive battle.

Veran Matic, President of the Board of Directors of B92 Fund, and Veljko Golubovic, Creative Director of Agency Saatchi & Saatchi, which designed and led the whole campaign, are going to be presented with the WEBIT Award.

"The innovation and the result of this innovation have been awarded: web and Facebook page are the backbone of our campaign. Those platforms absorbed all the experiences and distributed the stories to the media and the public interested in this issue. In the same time, both platforms were generating new donors, and the lists were made of those who could be human, and those who proved to be so. Those platforms also produced empathy and commitment to the cause, making its visitors prospective carriers and multipliers. Those innovations will contribute to future more efficient development of humanitarian and social campaigns“, Veran Matic, President of the Board of Directors of B92 Fund has said.

"This award is very significant for comprehending the uniqueness of the internet as a media outlet, as the award is given for the campaign which fully relies on the active participation of individuals, leaving the initiative to them to further develop the idea, thus giving them a key role in creating communication“, Veljko Golubovic said.

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