B92 sets up Mila Fund

B92 has decided to launch a campaign and set up a fund that will help protect and heal animals subjected to cruelty. The company has announced that it will work with other organizations and the city administration...


The company has announced that it will work with other organizations and the city administration in Belgrade to achieve this goal.

The Mila Fund was named after a young dog rescued in Belgrade this week, who was the victim of vicious cruelty.

The fund's goal is to help the recovery and rehabilitation of Mila, but also all other animals who suffer cruel treatment.

The fund will provide urgent veterinary care and shelter for such animals, while one of its tasks would be to help bring those who commit acts of cruelty to animals – persecuted as felony under Serbian laws – to justice.

The fund will raise money, help set up and monitor the work of an organization modeled after the Pet Police, with emphasis put on transparency and accountability.

This organization will bring together professionals from the fields of veterinary medicine and public safety, and will base its activities on contribution from volunteers willing to work to help homeless and abused animals.

The Mila Fund has been launched along with the overwhelming response from the country and around the world, with offers to help and donate to the cause of making sure that the one-year-old mixed breed, found with all of her legs cut off, recovers and finds a safe home.

Meanwhile, the Spanish AIMME Institute has decided to manufacture prosthetic limbs for Mila free of charge, and thus join the campaign.

Erste Bank made one of the first donations, and is also providing accounts for those who wish to make a contribution. The RSD account number is 340-36233-65 Erste Bank a.d. Novi Sad; the hard currencies account is 50030180-17539744 Erste Bank a.d. Novi Sad (for the Mila Fund). The hard currency payments can only be made from abroad.

For more information, please contact Erste Bank's Mirjana Šakić (mirjana.sakic@erstebank.rs).

If you wish to donate, you can find more details in the files attached below.

B92 is a Serbian television, radio and internet media outlet, with focus on social responsibility in its corporate dealings.

The B92 Fund, a non-governmental and non-profit organization, was established in 2004 by B92 in order to foster social responsibility, growth and public awareness of a wide variety of important issues for Serbian and other societies in the region.

The dund and its founder RTV B92 act as promoters of corporate and individual social responsibility as well as fund raisers for special charity actions.

Most of activities during last couple of years within this program line were related to the development of the project ”Safe House” within which the B92 Fund helped raise funds for building and equipping of four shelters for victims of the domestic violence in Serbia, as well as promotion of the breast cancer prevention and raising funds for purchase of the first mobile digital mammography unit for the Oncology Institute of Serbia.

Other activities include campaign for voluntary blood donations, campaign for traffic safety, supporting Clown Doctors working in children hospitals and environmental actions.

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