When laws don’t apply

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Political party financing in Serbia for years operates against the law and disclosure of the money political parties raise and spend is not controlled for at all. The law entered into force in 2003, and regulated that through budget all citizens of Serbia are to finance the parliament parties. Nevertheless, the law failed to prevent occurrence of improper influence by national businessmen on parties’ political decisions through financial means.

The State’s secret?

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Who is responsible for a vacuum created during the authority transfer from the Secret Service to Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs, wherein no one was responsible, until February 2003, for protection service of the state officials, especially the Prime Minister Zoran Đinđić?

Scam of the century (part four)

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Malversations and irrational money spending of any state enterprise are always paid after all by the citizens of Serbia, while certain individuals thrive at the expense of the state. In the first three episodes of the serial “Scam of the century” Insider has revealed, based on the example of mining basin Kolubara, only few ways of money pullouts from this state enterprise.

Scam of the century, (part three)

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The research about the endeavors of the mining basin Kolubara, one of the 11 dependence companies within EPS, shows that the whole system in the state is set up in such a way to allow individuals with political ties to make money at the expense of all citizens; in addition, the research also points out to the lack of firm rules regulating business endeavors of public enterprises.

Scam of the century (part two)

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Use your brains, turn off B92 disclosed the posters, displayed all over the town of Lazarevac, only a day after the first Insider episode about misusages in mining basin Kolubara was aired.

Scam of the century, (part one)

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For years, individuals and representatives of the government, by various misusages or by wrong-decision management have made huge losses in public enterprises, hence, at the end, the result appears the same as if it were a steal.

(Im)potent state? (part three)

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This is not about the fans who are cheering for their team, nor the patriots who are allegedly gathered around right-wing organisations. This is about violators who call themselves fans and extremists who call themselves patriots.

(Im)potent state? (part two)

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Who benefits from the fact that individuals who have committed dozens of criminal offences in the past years cal themselves fans, and how are extreme groups still being used for criminal affairs and political conflicts? How is it possible that stadiums are even today the best place for initiating various issues, from the change in the management, to the change in the government, but also for calls for lynching?

(Im)potent state? (part one)

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However, a question arises why did the state institutions allow the extremists, that call themselves football fans, to become so powerful that no one can say anything about them, starting from the media, via managements of the clubs, all the way to the politicians, for years now. By means of insufficient and inadequate reactions of the judicial system, the state has practically legalised violence.

Abuse of office (part seven)

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Delta's owner, Miroslav Miskovic, buys RTV B92. B92 loses national frequency.Delta's owner, Miroslav Miskovic, buys RTV B92. B92 loses national frequency.

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