1. The chinese history was written by the great horde but names and toponymal were later adopted to the local language. Say the Chinese do not differ letters R&L that is one letter for them. Also they write pictires called characters. Slavic hordes brought them from Egypt and adopted them for the Viet Nam, Uigur, Japan, Korean and Chinese peoples. Thatís why same characters mean the same in all those languages though they sound different in each language.

    History of china in fact is the history of the great horde aka great tartaria aka the great roman empire of karl-1. Thatís why one can find big episodes of the history of the Mediterranean implemented in the Chinese history. Even names of the Srbs, Hrvts and Ugor (Magyar) and Avar peoples are mentioned there many times. So Serbs once had cultural ties with the Chinese already. During the colonization I mean.

    Yet the history of this country was written by the Portuguese Jesuits in 19 century and in 20-th after the Boxer massacre when the united forces of Europe (including Russia) killed millions to destroy the last plot of the great horde in 1911. Later emperor Tsin Shi Huandi had to run to the Soviet Union. But itís another story.
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