1. "If they think topics like..., war reparations...., then we do not consent to continuing the dialogue at all. That is something there is no discussion about, we are maintaining a status-neutral dialogue," Dacic said.

    -- War reparations will be on the table wether you like it or not. You sent the tanks, you burned our houses, stole our cars, tractors, TV's, watching machines, money, raped and murdered, you will be paying monetarily. War reparations have nothing to do with status. It's a status neutral topic. You burn my house, you pay for it. It's as simple as that. There is no excuse in this world that makes it OK for anyone to go unpunished. The moment this one specific topic is tabled and Serbia walks away from the table is the moment Serbia consciously decides to kill peace and a better future for all; especially for the Kosova Serbs. The message Serbia would send is: "It's OK to burn houses and cause material and personhood harm". This is not the message you wanna send, so you can save money.
    (J, 28 October 2016 18:42)

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