1. RIP to the poor man who lost his life and my deepest condolences to his family.I wish a full and speedy recovery to the other man lying in hospital and hope that his family also receive maximum support. This tragedy is the 2nd in 5 months to involve a worker at Srem Put being killed, that is 3 families in 5 months whose lives have been devastated, that is 3 sets of children without or with a seriously injured father, and yet another funeral for people to attend for someone who died in circumstances that should have been avoided. The Health and Safety at this company is deplorable, how they are still operating and putting people's lives at risk is beyond me. Not going to be political and talk about the EU but I do not think after a man is buried alive at work with no safety equipment (May 5th 2016, Indjia) and now a man killed in Kuzmin on the autoput (26 September 2016) and another seriously injured any other European country where lives matter would have launched an investigation to make 100% sure no more lives are lost. Where were the barricades? And the most insulting comment in the whole text, he was wearing his orange vest, so that is alright then he had protection. Shame on you Srem Put you learnt nothing from May and now you have another families grief on your hands.
    (Jules, 26 September 2016 19:48)

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