1. apologies.... to pigs. The pigs are neat, clean, cute animals being sacrificed to become human food.

    I cannot say about Hungarian nazis being "clean", "cute" or "neat".
    (Ataman, 27 August 2016 20:13)

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  2. The Hungarian Nyilas nácis are the same as Turkish "grey wolves" or náci SS pigs.

    It is a long established tradition of "Turanian" brotherhood. The highlight of that was when Armenian, Jewish, Serbian, Gypsy girls were raped, than impaled by a cross through their genitalia.

    This is a noble Hungarian and Turkish tradition.

    Many Hungarian naci pigs where actually saved by the Red Army which merely sent them to Siberia (for good!)

    If the same pigs were caught by Tito's Serbo-Croatian partizans, they were impaled, precisely the same way they did to Armenians, Jews, Serbs, Gypsies.

    My aunt sez, she has not a single drop of tear towards these naci pigs. They got what they deserved. The only bad thing about the high-levelr nazi Hungarians is, that they were condemned to be hanged - a disgracefully mild sentence.

    Tito was 200% correct.

    And descendants of Hungarian nazi pigs have to pray daily to Stalin and Beria for saving their ass (literally!) and working in Siberia instead of ending on a Serbian stake.
    (Ataman (lassan, Bogár), 27 August 2016 20:09)

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