1. rote,

    This is being reported simply because it is a very rare and horrific. Such things make the front lines in Hungary as they happen maybe once in few years.

    This particular incident happened in an ethnically mixed Vojvodina and we know nothing because the names are not revealed and should not be revealed.

    As far as the mentality - this is something what used to be common north of Vojvodina by an ethnic element quite common in Vojvodina. Killing his own child and ex-g/f by Hungarian ethic codex requires a suicide, so the friggin idiot complied with that, too.

    As bad as it is, such news not even news in the States. In the middle of Silicon Valley, in San Jose such things do happen daily. In other parts of the States they do happen hourly.

    You know what... I feel safer in Vojvodina or Hungary than in the States, period.
    And of course, this idiotic medieval Hungarian "code of honor" has to be forever forgotten. We are moving, moving... slow, but still much better than Americans.
    (Ataman, 23 June 2016 16:07)

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  2. rote, I don't think Serbs need to sanitize their image to the rest of the sympathetic world. Either you understand what is going on in the Balkans and you are sympathetic to the Serbs or you understand what is going on in the Balkans and you are hostile to the Serbs anyway. Otherwise you don't understand or care what is going on at all. Small incidents like this don't make any difference to anyone.
    (Paul, 22 June 2016 22:01)

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  3. @rote

    English or no English we know what's happening in Serbia. By the way this too happened in Serbia:
    (Avni, 22 June 2016 16:22)

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  4. I agree rote, they recently wrote about a Ferrari illegally parked in Belgrade. Haha, parking infringements are now world news.
    (William UK, 22 June 2016 14:39)

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  5. b92

    Is this news so vital to be placed on the english version or does it add to the image your rivals are forming here?
    (rote, 22 June 2016 12:26)

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