1. This is the tip of the iceberg.

    Some very uncomfortable questions.

    1) Why is a bus from Bratislava to Greece cheaper than a train?

    2) How long an average bus driver is allowed to drive between sleeps?

    3) How much would be a bus ticket cost if all regulations are met and the passengers and the drivers would get the rest and sleep?

    4) How much would be a Wizzair ticket cost if the governments would not subsidize the airlines indirectly?

    5) There used to be two trains daily to Greece via Yugoslavija, the "Acropolis" and the "Hellas". In addition there was a daily overnight train from Sofia.
    There would be 3-4 sleeping cars from Soviet Union, 3-4 sleeping cars from different parts of Jugoslavija, at least one from Sweden, at least one couchette from Budapest and about 40 "Pullman"-like chair / compartment cars (combined) from other parts of Europe. They were full, getting a seat or a bed in Summer was not easy.

    Now we have... pretty much nothing, except the Polish or Slovak busses unsafe at any speed and trains consisting of 2-3 cars, most being dirty beyond imagination.

    I hope, Chinese will take over all this operation.
    (Ataman, 23 June 2016 16:40)

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