1. Analyst on reasons behind CIA chief's visit to Sarajevo

    "...confiscated weapons from Bosnia-Herzegovina were going "directly go to Islamic State points in Western Europe"

    "Apparently the Turkish intention is - and there is data about it in Riyadh as well - to press Europe with a refugee wave and make it unstable in order to extort privileges that it wants to get in negotiations with Germany,"

    Izetbegovic then defied Brennan by choosing Osman Mehmedagic Osmica - "a person who went through special intelligence training under a special NATO program, but in Turkey, and who was connected with the secret police AID in the war, and has had a very negative role in some crimes."
    (Roger7, 22 April 2016 16:19)

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  2. No doubt to see firsthand what his fine organization established many years ago.
    (MikeD, 22 April 2016 15:44)

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  3. "Brennan arrived in Sarajevo from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia"


    The reaper of death overtly travels to his willing proxies.
    (Amnesty Yugoslavia, 22 April 2016 12:40)

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