1. Firstly Serbs, me too, lets not call the kettle black. Our recent history isn't exactly perfect. If we get into the argument of who did more, then that's a step back.
    At this point in time I believe we need Croatia on our side for our Kosovo.

    Nikola, 700,000 is a little dramatic, if you were to calculate the duration of jasenovac you would have a very high daily death rate.

    Although the positive from the previous poster was that he didn't deny the existence.

    That's a step forward

    I think you'll find that Croatians are also tired of hating Serbs
    (IvanPN, 9 February 2016 09:13)

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  2. Croatia ones again covering their past NAZI history with BS.How did they get accepted in EU.You have to feel sorry for the serbs and the jews.
    (bobby, 9 February 2016 08:33)

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  3. What's the point in asking for him to be removed from the ministry? They might remove him from the ministry but not from their hearts.
    It would be a false gesture.
    I think they should broadcast their choice of ministers and their deeds and let the world see real Croatia. Once removed he will only be replaced with someone who has a cleaner past but a heart just as dark.
    (Peggy, 9 February 2016 02:18)

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  4. It's a bit late. 'Little' Nazis are very much appreciated here in Brussels, much like 'little jihadists' are appreciated in Syria by the West & their Gulf allies.

    I've come across quite a few of the famous leggy dalmatian beauties chatting away loudly near the European Parliament. Being comparatively new, they probably don't think any one understand them. The same is true of the Serbs here in Brux. It wasn't so long ago that I saw two huge ones in chez Bernard on Place Jourdan talking loudly and obviously being Serbs. Hilarious. Still, none of them are killing the other ones. The only ones who pop up in the news are Albanian criminals. There are plenty of Romanian and Bulgarian beggars here too, playing music (accordion/violin) on the metro and in the center near the Grand Place.
    (EU Dude, 9 February 2016 00:35)

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  5. Nikola Novakovic - Zlatko Hasanbegovic je doktorirao u Zagrebu, a mentor mu je bio Dr. Ivo Goldstein sin Slavka Goldsteina. Hasanbegovic nije velicao ustastvo vec je parafrazirao poljskog predsjednika i litvanskog premijera te izjavio da je 1945 jedan totalitarni rezim zamjenio drugi totalitarni rezim i zbog toga ga je SDP (ex savez komunista Hrvatske) stigmatizirao kao filofašistu.
    Prije nego sto pocmes izmisljati brojek od 700 000 bilo dobro da provjeris prijeratni i poslijeratni popis stanovnistva.
    (ivo, 8 February 2016 17:48)

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  6. Hasanbegovic graduated from Somalia's top university....

    Hasanbegovic obviously does not know the history of his own Nazi sympathising murderous country... Please, let me explain...

    Croatia was a facist country which supported Hitler and Nazi germany... The Croatian government systamatically murdered men, women and children of Serbian, Jewish and Roma ethnicities... Over 700,000 Serbian men, women and children were killed by the croatian government in jasnovac concentration camp...

    Germnay has aschwitz concentration camp... Croatian had jasnovac concentration camp....

    The Croatian army would kill Serbian children using primitive methods, such as using a claw hammer to murder them, or hacking at their heads with a shovel... The Nazi's were actually horrified when they saw the methods the Croatians were using to kill Serb men, women and children...

    Hasanbegovic is an uneducated manipulator of history, he should either be re-educated on the murderous facist history of Croatia, or he should retire early from his post and go back to Somalia to spread his false teachings and propaganda...

    May God bless the victims of the jasnovac concentration camp which died cruel deaths at the hands of the Croatian government. May we remember them forever and let jasnovac serve as a reminder of never letting this happen again, to unite and fight against any future facist state...
    (Nikola Novakovic, 8 February 2016 15:18)

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  7. Nig

    its ironic that you have to point to the Serbs who managed to remain in Croatia as a way of excusing Croats.

    My memories include seeing thousands of Serb refugees in Belgrade who were driven out of Croatia. I remember a Zargreb born Serbian engineer deeply hurt by the way his Croat 'friends' and colleagues forced him out of the country. Croatia hasn't always been cooperative in encouraging people back either.

    PEN presents a point I thoroughly agree with. The residual fascism was not addressed by the EU and has yet to be dealt with.
    (Bob, 8 February 2016 15:01)

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  8. To Nig: When it comes to murder and building walls and fences, I have only one word to say - Jasenovac.
    (Tony (a Brit in Berlin), 8 February 2016 13:59)

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  9. When you kill Palestinian children and create a wall around someone else's country then you should not comment about another. The 200,000 Serbs who reside in today's Croatia love the country. Why would they be there if they thought it was fascist. There is always Serbia or RS. 300 people a year hold a mass in ZG for Pavelic. If that's fascism then Serbia is the SS. I doubt this Jewish idiot would be complaining if he purchased an investment property on Croatia's coast at cost price.
    (Nig, 8 February 2016 13:07)

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  10. There are two sides to Croatia. The ubiquitous vacation imagery in newspapers and travel supplements. And the warped nostalgia among a sizeable segment of the population and some politicians, for a darker blood stained period in its history largely ignored by outsiders. It is high time the EU confronted this sickness in the Croat mindset. It wouldn't be acceptable in Germany or anywhere else. Why is it tolerated in Croatia?
    (PEN, 8 February 2016 12:44)

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  11. Can Croatia ever clean itself of its fascist past?

    Born in blood and shame, and still not grown up enough to purge a hankering for the wickedness.

    I don't hear Croatia screaming about establishing a fair world with human rights for all.

    A pretty coastline tarnished by a terrible history and a poor set of pompous attitudes.

    There was graphiti on the walls in Croatia about 'Serbs hanging from the willows' even before Milosevic.

    I won't go there on holiday - and I question people who do.
    (Bob, 8 February 2016 11:50)

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  12. Hasanbegovic is fascist scum. That such a person is a minister in an EU country is a disgrace for the EU. He should be dealt with immediately.
    (Tony (a Brit in Berlin), 8 February 2016 10:52)

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