1. Kosova's constitution was written after the Ahtisaari plan, which paved the way for the independence of Kosova, after which the constitution was written. Get it?
    (anthro-cookoo, 25 December 2015 03:05)

    Oh I get it better than you do. The AP is what Kosovo's constitution is based on. Try reading a few of its Annexes. You'll see how ZSO structure is formulated. You'll also see how much local power Kosovo's Serbs are given vis-a-vis everyone else.

    In what universe can the ZSO expand and contract as it pleases.
    (anthro-cookoo, 25 December 2015 03:05)

    In the Brussels Agreement reached in 2013 and the final agreement reached in 2015. ZSO is officially not designed for Serbs alone, and any municipality can join. The Gorani have expressed interest in joining for years. If they do or don't is inconsequential to ZSO's function, but if the international community which designed Kosovo's internal configuration deems it necessary to carve out another municipality for the Gorani of Dragas, then it will reflect what the community has expressed.

    Dude, you're so far out.
    (anthro-cookoo, 25 December 2015 03:05)

    I know. Having an opinion of something that doesn't conform to the strict narrative fed through Albanian information sources makes one a little kooky, but it's a disease I gladly carry.
    (Balkan Anthropologist, 25 December 2015 17:20)

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  2. @Amanaparts

    Some interesting points raised but a few contradictions as well.

    Your argument rests on the hypothetical superiority of Kosovo's Constitution, which as I've said has been designed by internationals to accommodate their vision of Kosovo which gives significant power-sharing to the Serbs. The Serb municipalities were also deliberately formed out of existing ones to give Serbs a majority presence in those regions - look at the three municipalities gerrymandered out of Kosovska Kamenica that surrounds Gnjilane, some of which are little more than villages. In most of these, Serbs form the absolute majority with the exception of Strpce. Thus, it's these municipalities that will join the core of ZSO without Albanian opposition. There also is no agreement to make ZSO an NGO despite Albanian attempts; rather ZSO functions as an autonomous body that works within the framework of Kosovo's law but, as autonomous units do, are given the ability to interpret and implement the law as they see fit within their designated jurisdiction.

    The international community has designed Kosovo to empower the Serbs far more than any other minority group from the start. This was part of the agreement in detaching the whole territory away from Serbia, and each successive agreement reached between Belgrade and Pristina furthers this. That the CC finally recognized ZSO now establishes it as an autonomous body that, I image, will grow over time as the region develops.
    (Balkan Anthropologist, 25 December 2015 17:10)

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  3. “……………but I tell you that my family owns the chain of the titles for every church and monastery Serbs claim in Kosova.”

    This guys is mixing with the pixies for sure LOL. Normally, I’d say he has been into the egg nogg a tad too early, but since he is a Muslim then it’s a problem of the other kind.
    (sj, 25 December 2015 07:48)

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  4. Balkan Anthropologist, you apparently have no idea what you are talking about.
    Kosova's constitution was written after the Ahtisaari plan, which paved the way for the independence of Kosova, after which the constitution was written. Get it?

    Also, neither Gorani or Roma or the Montegrin communities have a majority in any municipalities, how can they possibly join an association of municipalities? This is not a political party.
    In what universe can the ZSO expand and contract as it pleases. Perhaps in your daydream universe. In the same daydream where you see Salim Januzi, mayor of Dragash, from Hashim Thaci's party and former member of UCK, join an association of Serbian municipalities?

    Dude, you're so far out.
    (anthro-cookoo, 25 December 2015 03:05)

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  5. To mark Gjoni,
    My uncles own the land of all religious sites ,including the Mussi one's aswell,that's why Serb's are waiting in case of problems to provide his title deeds of the properties.
    My uncle as l call him uncle Seselj is going to Pristina on holidays in January, and Pristina will even have fireworks ,with pig on a spite for all of us!
    See you and Leonard in Pristina with my uncle Seselj, cao Mark!
    (sasa.p, 25 December 2015 00:52)

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  6. why is called community of serbian municipatities ?
    they are kosovar municipalities that, at the moment have ethnic serb majority.
    are these future communities formed on the ethnic base ,or inter-ethnic ,beneficial base ?
    are they going to be open for other municipalities to join or live, or just pure ethnic serb ?
    if ,for example gjakova municipality wants to join, will it be able to do so ?
    (donkeyvich, 24 December 2015 23:21)

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  7. Balkan Anthropologist

    According to RKS Constitution you can form a community based on ethnicity but that would be a NGO, which means that there are no executive power. On the other hand, municipalities cannot be formed based on ethnicities. The municipalities are set and you need a 2/3 vote for a municipalities to join a greater association of municipalities. In the real world this means that most municipalities, even those with serb majority wont be able to join this new association because of the Albanian minority.

    There is a fundamental misunderstanding about what has been ruled in CC of RKS. First of all Brussel agreement of 2013 is in accordance with CC but the articles of association from 2015 are not. There is a difference between an association of serb municipalities (NGO = only representive) and the creation of a new Municipality thru an association of serb municipalities (limited executive power).

    The CC has in fact limited the power of the ZSO to an extent that it will become an NGO or new Municipality with the same right as every other municipality in RKS. Now the ZSO can be created according to the CC of RKS.
    (Amanaparts, 24 December 2015 22:53)

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  8. Dacic is a Socialist, or former Common.His party is popular with Grey power.They Grey's ( Pensioner's), dream about TITO's time,and vote for Dacic.Dacic will never be a clever politician, his a Common,from Milosevic time,and you can't compare him with the moderate leader's running Serbia.
    (sasa.p, 24 December 2015 21:53)

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  9. It's funny because today he wasn't allowed to visit Janjevo in Kosovo. By the way Janjevo is Croat majority and has nothing to do with Serbs. He should have visited Vojvodina Croats who during the war were expelled from Vojvodina.
    (Avni, 24 December 2015 21:29)

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  10. Not only is Mr. Gjuriq not in the best position to ask Albanians anything but I tell you that my family owns the chain of the titles for every church and monastery Serbs claim in Kosova. I know B92 doesn't want me to post them here but rest assured that we have them deposit in office of Pallaska Amicus Curiae, a famous Albanian lawyer that was asked from the Court.

    I also want to invite Lenard in our beautiful Gjakova for Christmas holidays.
    Lenard my brother of faith and our good neighbor! We wish you a very merry Christmas in Croatia and can't wait to come and visit you in summer time. Till then I send you hugs from my family and from Kosova.
    (Mark Gjoni, 24 December 2015 18:12)

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  11. The Brussels Agreement will be implemented as agreed on in Brussels. Kosovo is being cute with making its own little amendments to appease the nationalists from tear gassing their parliament sessions. Truth is, they have no way of enforcing any of these amendments, and Kosovo's constitution has been repeatedly changed over the years to accommodate every new agreement the international community comes up for this little piece of territory. It was amended to accommodate the Ahtisaari Plan, it will be amended to accommodate the KLA war crimes tribunal, and it will have to be amended to accommodate ZSO.

    That ZSO needs to avoid being monoethnic was never a part of ZSO in the first place. The agreement in Brussels allows ZSO to expand and contract as it pleases and allows for other groups to join. The Gorani have already expressed interest in joining and I see no reason why the Roma and Montenegrin communities wouldn't either. This court ruling is little more than rhetorical fluff on part of the Albanians who need to put a good face on the fact that an autonomous legislative body is about to be formed within territory they long believed they were the sole authority. ZSO had to be formed, and ZSO's responsibilities will grow with each passing year, like all other autonomous bodies in Europe.
    (Balkan Anthropologist, 24 December 2015 16:56)

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  12. for jugoslavija !

    here you can see the income for a family in all regions of romania 2005-2010 ( in English to ) in Bucharest-Ilfov 700 euro in 2010 from 350 euro in 2005 !

    It is interesting that Serbia didn`t lost wars against Albania or other neigbours but only against Nato

    I am curious what would happened if Albania and Bulgaria had the embargo that had Serbia + bombed by Nato
    (adrian_bucharest, 24 December 2015 16:11)

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  13. rumbelings of an immature, dumb serb politician who only proves once more that Serbia has no intention to get along with its neighbors and is a constant threat to peace in the Balkans.
    (observer, 24 December 2015 16:03)

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  14. Duric is immature but he is also stating obvious he is demanding that agreement its implemented.

    sure agreement says that it must be as per Kosovo law, and anything it does not it implies will be modified. No one asked us about the constitution is so sad that he should think about it, and then not put his foot in his mouth as he agreed or his boss vucic agreed as per Kosovo law.
    (Bilbao, 24 December 2015 13:02)

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  15. Mr. Duric

    Bear in mind that you are not in a position to demand anything from anyone. No Serbian official is in a position to demand anything from Albanians, or western powers.
    Secondly, we do not want another RS in Balkans. The one you created in Bosnia isn't impressive at all.

    I am all for the minority rights of Serbs in Kosova, as long as it is in accordance with international laws, and Kosovas laws for minority rights.
    We will not give Serbs something thwy do not have in Serbia, dou le standards, not happening.
    We will do what's in the best interest of Serbs and Albanians. Serbs are no special case, so don't expect to be treated above other minorities.

    Thank you.
    (Albanian, 24 December 2015 11:23)

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  16. As for the comment of Djuric. This is merely a political statement since both parties agreed and signed (Brussels Agreement 2013) that the creation of the ZSO has to meet the following requirements:

    2. The Community/Association will be created by statute. Its dissolution shall only take place by a decision of the participating municipalities. Legal guarantees will be provided by applicable law and constitutional law (including the 2/3 majority rule).

    3. The structures of the Association/Community will be established on the same basis as the existing statute of the Association of Kosovo municipalities e.g. President, vice President, Assembly, Council.

    See full tex of agreement here: [link]

    See PDF of Original and signed Document: [link]

    You see, Serbia has already signed a contract that ZSO has to obey Kosovo Law and Constitution. It is also a sign that, although Serbia likes to call Kosovo an imaginary state, it still has to respect the very real Kosovo Government and it has recognised the very real Kosovo Constitution.
    (Amanaparts, 24 December 2015 11:07)

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  17. this rat mumbling again.
    no changes will be made on the constitution of Kosova.

    why dont you change your constitution where it says Kosova is part of serbia, when it clearly isnt.
    (Revolution, 24 December 2015 10:40)

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  18. The ZSO will be implemented as of the Brussels agreement. However it has to be adjusted to...

    "...meet the constitutional standards and be in compliance
    particularly with Articles 3, 7, 12, Chapter II [Fundamental Rights and
    Freedoms] Articles 21 and 44, Chapter III [Rights of Communities and Their
    Members] Articles 57, 59, 60, 61 and 62, as well as with Articles 79, 81, 93,
    101, 113, 123, 124 and 137 of the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo as
    reasoned by the Judgment;"

    here is the full text of the judgement.

    Now what are these 3 points and why do they need to be adjusted. Well basically it is to reassure that ZSO MUST have the same rights as any other association in Kosovo. Thus, it cannot be mono-ethnic, it cannot have executive power and it has to be open for all members to join and leave as they please. There are other points regarding organisation and rights but those are the main points. If you want to know exactely what its about, read the Link, just as I did.

    I think the judgement is right and as long as the constitution is respected it wont be a problem. Congrats KSerbs, you got your self an Associations!!
    (Amanaparts, 24 December 2015 09:45)

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