1. ...it is a strange, hypocritical to see b92, owned by ex-CIA director, one of oldest propaganda outlets of corporate fascism in Serbia, publishes text about censorship and propaganda...very strange indeed, and a bit disgusting...
    (milan, 27 November 2015 07:35)

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  2. What's the difference if a government News source lies and a privately held one?

    The US government openly lied about many things, 1 example just being the 2003 invasion of Iraq on false pretexts.

    The media in the US was very quick to accept anything it's government said hook line and sinker.

    So it all boils down to the source. If someone has an agenda, they will pursue it.

    It's up to voters to vote honest leaders in office. That's honestly the safest bet anyone has. Educate yourself and don't elect liars.

    Just think about it. 98% of all media is owned by 5 corporations. If you own these? You control everyone, including the government.

    So much for Dunja's guarantee.
    (Pravda, 26 November 2015 22:44)

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