1. I did see some documentary movies (in Hungarian) about the refugee camps in Turkey.
    The housing is clean. They receive few hundred TL / month as a pocket money.
    In their butchery shops inside the camps 1 kg good quality meat is 5 TL.

    Good luck to find 1 kg meat of that quality for that price in Hungary!
    (Or Germany or RU or US or France, or Ukraina).

    Than they come here and appear totally sick. Than they receive special food for sick people (slavonic / finish oatmeal) - and they complain that that food is "good for women and dogs only".

    Than they complain, Italian or Croatian government does not pay for hotel stays.

    Than that 100 Kuna / day is bad. Than that Croatian semolina (best thing made from wheat you ever can get on this planet) is boring and bad.


    The same time they stole first my wallet #1 (3000 HUF + 1500 Dinar). Than they stole my wallet #2 (300 Euro + $100 + driver's license + passport card). Very-very sick, poor people, need Asyl ASAP.

    They expect Frau Merkel give them free "Begrüßungsgeld" and Obama and Putin to fight ISIS for them... you know what, friggin go home and fight ISIS on your own.
    (Ataman, 1 November 2015 03:57)

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  2. Unfortunately the Balkans will not get any of the educated and sometimes well-off Syrian refugees, who we could use given the rapid shrinking populations here and the ongoing brain drain. Instead we might get uneducated migrants from Afghanistan, Sudan, etc. after they are kicked out of the EU. The Serbian Government should look ahead and try to ensure that this won't happen. And maybe the Government should start taxing all the people in Presevo and elsewhere who are making a lot of money off of the migrants.
    (Josip, 30 October 2015 10:23)

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