1. Hypocrit.

    When the Syrian people started to state their opinion Assad shot at them, and has continued to kill ever since. Assad's credentials are very questionable.

    Also, how are the Syrian people to express their view when such vast numbers have been driven from the country?

    A democratic precess depends on ways of replacing politicians. Putin and Assad need to demonstrate their democratic credentials by showing how they might be willing to give way. Instead they manipulate systems with the belief that they somehow have the sole right to rule.
    (Bob, 3 November 2015 13:08)

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  2. Meanwhile Greece is still broke, having more holes in her pants than coins in her pocket.
    (Momcilo, 28 October 2015 21:06)

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  3. Russia "never changed its stance on Syria"

    I haven't changed mine either and I do not need to 'whisper it' since I have agreed with Mr. Putin's stance on Syria from the beginning, also re Iran - which has not physically attacked anyone.The western description of Russian bombing in Syria reminds me of WMD back in 2000, repeat a lie constantly and people will believe it. Repeated in the media over and over: Russia bombing Syria will only encourage young men to join IS.
    Western bombs dropped on Muslim countries never radicalise young men. Only Russian bombs do that.Describing Assad as a "a ruthless and despised dictator" in the first line is propaganda at it's finest. Meanwhile it's cool for the West to back Islamists against the pretty much secular regime while Saudis continue to behead people at a faster rate than IS.

    So everything was going just fine until Putin waded in to spoil the fun.The pushing back of the Al Qaida franchise, the Army of Conquest "will almost certainly bring about a response from its regional backers". Is that so? So we are now finally admitting publicly that Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey have been openly funding an Al Quaida group and that the West, have been tacitly supporting them. supporting the same people that brought down the Twin towers?The Russians might be facing a military challenge, but are acting coherently. the West seems to be engaged in a mad alliance of amoral convenience with those that wish to turn the clock to dark ages.
    (Leonidas, 23 October 2015 13:41)

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