1. Szíjjártó is insane. Turkey must solve border and past problems with Syria, Iraq, Kurds, Armenia, Iran, Georgia, Greece.

    And there is Cyprus.

    Than - presumably - Albania, Kosovo (who knows in what shape), rest-of-Serbia, Bosnia, Armenia will be in EU. And everyone, Cyprus and Greece included must agree and settle some issues with Turkey.

    Even in Albania or Kosovo Turkey is not the most popular place. Let's not talk about Armenia or Cyprus.

    Good luck on that. Even with all about Armenian genocide and Northern part of Cyprus being solved, there should be no war or other dispute along Turkey's non-EU borders. Like Syria, Iraq, Iran. Than that issue with Karabakh.

    Good luck on that, too. If all issues solved, Turkey would become merely an area around Ankara - and no one in Turkey will agree on that. Turkey in EU is a completely dead idea.
    (Ataman, 21 October 2015 10:03)

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  2. Hungary has been overrun by migrants this year by unruly, lawless, sometimes violent crowds of migrants. If Turkey were a member of the EU this probably would not have happened. N
    (Frank Kemeny, 21 October 2015 03:17)

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  3. This is completely insane. Turkey is the source of the illegal immigration problem. All those people belong in Turkey, not anywhere else. That's where they are coming from. If Turkey becomes a member of the EU, the problem is going to get worse, not better.
    (Paul, 20 October 2015 22:36)

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