1. It "is absolutely unilateral, and I would say that everyone in the world sees the inexplicable closure of borders (as) an attempt to destroy the Serbian economy."

    Actually Mr Vucic, I think that everyone in the world sees the closure of borders as an attempt to stop refugees and migrants from entering Croatia illegally.

    Does Vucic honestly believe that Croatia closed it's borders with Serbia in an attempt to destroy Serbia's economy? Does he think it must just be a coincidence that an unprecedented amount of refugees and immigrants have entered the Balkans and that the closure of borders has nothing to do with this?

    Yes, I can see why Vucic is frustrated by the impact this is having on the Serbian economy, but to say that they closed the borders in a deliberate attempt to damage Serbia's economy is beyond ridiculous. I think Vucic is deliberately attempting to fuel Serb Nationalism once again.
    (Haitian, 24 September 2015 00:03)

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  2. Mr.Vucic,
    SAA and alongside with it the sovereignty of Serbia,Macedonia and Albania where invalidated when undocumented refugees passed thru these countries coming from a Schegen country (Greece).
    Refugees should have been processed in Greece, fingerprinted, photographed or given temporary identification without status to continue towards other EU countries.
    Your mistake mr. Vucic and that of other Balkan countries governments is for not holding EU under same standard that they hold Serbia or Macedonia or Albania.
    This situation wouldn't have happened if EU had intervened when it became apparent that Greece couldn't handle the crisis on her own.
    Good luck dealing with EU bureaucrats now.
    (Niko, 23 September 2015 22:28)

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  3. It's disgusting how Vucic says Serbia has sovereignty with him in power when in fact it is the opposite and he is doing what others (EU) tell him to do and in so doing VIOLATES Serbia's sovereignty and people.

    The EU give Serbia chump change for this crisis - which the EU encourages by telling Serbia and Macedonia to keep their borders open for this invasion and which is helping human traffickers.

    The cost to Serbia, which includes its relations with Hungary, is much, much greater than the measly amount sent to Serbia to help the illegals. The EU is REWARDING Turkey for causing this with a billion dollars.

    This whole thing must be orchestrated and planned for the EU to be acting this way.
    (ida, 23 September 2015 21:35)

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  4. And reply will be: 'You know how they are Alec, we tried to vontrol them 74 years ago too, but they went raving mad. We have problems with Volkswagen, so hrvat and Balkans will once again bd of secondary importance like they were after june 1941'.
    (angie, 23 September 2015 15:47)

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  5. Shut up Vucic. As long as Serbia want to join the EU, it is expected to swallow the hypocrisy and say 'Thank You!'. It's got nothing to do with Croazia, but Germany who likes obidient neo-nazis (not disobedient ones obviously), but for Vucic, its easier to whinge about Croazia.

    I'm should be fairly stunned by the ignorance and lack of preparation (no police at Horgos) displayed by Belgrade. Did it not occur to them that they would be shafted either way by Brussels and their neighbors, or were they just praying everything would turn out ok?

    They're being shafted endlessly for years by Brussels with agreements that Brussels (Jermany) creatively interprets always in its favor, yet with the refugee/migrant crisis, how could they have expected any different?
    (EU Dude, 23 September 2015 15:24)

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