1. Altogether they say there will be about of 2000 personnel. No matter how many countries will send their troops it makes 2-3 NATO battalions able to scare only their own asses. Thus the drills are political maneuvers to give the Nazi some moral support. Without Pravi Sektor Sonderkommans Ukrainian army won’t fight in Donbass. Meanwhile PS is in a conflict mood towards Poroshenko now. So the drills won’t help him unless Jeffrey Payette calms down the PS battalions. They already abandoned the front to get ready to fight in Kiev no matter what the mentioned states do on the Polish border. In fact the contradiction between EU and USA increase here. Because the EU thought it will be a quick game but it happened to be another Syria. This time on their own borders. Azeris joined the gang to bargain Russia because with the geography like theirs and the internal situation like theirs they have little maneuver. Turks are scared after the last elections and avoid irritating the US. All the rest are short chain dogs with very limited independence. Serbia has nothing to do in such a campaign trying to revive the dead state. Neutrality is the wisest things Serbs can do for the time being.
    (rote kapelle, 20 July 2015 22:04)

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