1. "The Russian presidential decree "extending a ban on coverage of military casualty figures to peacetime as well as in wartime" has been condemned by the CPJ."

    Who was the idiot who wrote this decree?! Say a journalist in Russia reports 10 Russian military casualties in fighting in Ukraine.

    Scenario 1: Since, according to the Kremlin, there are no Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine, the journalist is clearly dreaming so there is nothing to prosecute;

    Scenario 2: The journalist in prosecuted, but that ends up confirming that there are Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine

    So, either the decree is useless or ends up revealing that the Kremlin has been lying about the involvement of Russia's military in Ukraine. So, in either case, whoever in the Kremlin wrote it is an idiot that should be fired for incompetence.
    (icj1, 1 June 2015 22:09)

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  2. Since according Putin's version that the Russian soldiers in Ukraine are only spending their 'holidays' there, and the tanks are only vehicles used to get there, Russia is not involved in a war but in peace time. So this decree has to be established to ban all reports about the soldiers killed or captured. Though it's a bit schizophrenic - because on the other hand, Putin denied that those persons were soldiers at all.

    So will it still be possible to talk about those killed and captured non-soldiers in Ukraine wearing Russian uniforms without state insignia in Russian military vehicles without Russian number plates?
    (Comm. Parrisson, 1 June 2015 17:49)

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  3. Yet more confirmation of Putin's suppression of freedom.

    It is a way of covering his involvement in the invasion of another country.

    It is also a technique for deceiving the Russian people.

    He is a disaster for Russian democracy, going the same way as the Tzars and the Communists.

    He is warmongering along his borders and will escalate in time.

    Once the lies start, there have to be more lies to cover them.

    As for Russians being brothers to Serbs - probably more true than many Serbs realise. Russsian troops were raping Serb women in the streets at the end of the Second World War. How many Russian brothers did that create?
    (Bob, 29 May 2015 16:24)

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