1. To quote a comment I have seen written elsewhere: "How dare Russia move their borders to NATO's!"

    Stoltenberg is a nobody. When he first came to Washington, Obama was busy and did not meet him. Every single Sec Gen of NATO has always been received by the President of the United States on their first visit.

    Just throw him a few dollars and he'll be grateful. The alternative, dear European tax payers, is that YOU will pay more tax and less money will go to jobs, re-training and the economy.
    (EU Dude, 28 May 2015 16:55)

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  2. Maybe he could go to Moscow and sing "we are the world" with Putin. Perhaps that will smoothen everything.

    All joking aside, in the 90s the West had a chance to bring Russia 'into the fold'. But instead the boys from Harvard and Yale were sent to destroy Russia's economy further. For what it is worth, Putin said the other day that the CIA and the Saudis stoked up things in Chechnya. NATO built bases all over Eurasia. Cause that what this is all about: control over Eurasia. The West and East are on a collision course and while in the past there were perhaps victors in a war, a potential war between these two blocks will only have losers, if anybody will survive it anyway. Even the ones who would profit from a war (cause war is a racket) will not find a habitable place to live in.
    (Joe A, 28 May 2015 10:45)

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