1. Closing arguments in the Seselj trial were presented March 20, 2012.
    The ICTY has had more than 1100 days and has failed to provide anything closely resembling a verdict or timely justice and is unlikely to do so in 2015.

    As a new benchmark for stupidity, the Appeals Chamber has now ordered the Trial Chamber to further delay it's deliberations on the verdict and immediately recall Seselj to initiate yet another new sets of hearings!

    One hearing will include OTP, Seselj, Serbia, and The Netherlands in accordance with Rule 65(B) of the ICTY circus manual; a second (concurrent or sequential?) hearing was also ordered by the AC imbeciles to.....yes...wait.... have the trial chamber initiate yet another de novo assessment of provisional release!!!!

    Both hearings will require 100s of days of preparation, status conferences, the plethora of minor procedural decisions and appeals of minor decisions. The final briefs for these hearings are expected to be presented around the year 2021, the TC decisions should be issued on or about 2025 and the final appeals completed by 2029. At this point ICTY appeal chamber in a 3:2 majority decision will order the trial chamber revoke Seselj's provisional death and demand that Serbia immediately return him to the UNDU.
    (Amnesty Yugoslavia, 31 March 2015 10:45)

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