1. Kidnapped a little baby Angel to be sold? Sold to who and for what purpose? Satanic beast's came to the heart of Serbia to terrorize our people again? How long has this been going on, how many more of our sacred children were and will be kidnapped? Is it not enough how much tears and blood stain Europe with our Christian Eastern Orthodox Blood? Serbian Cival leaders want to dis arm Serbian citizens, this is a good example why all Serbians need to be armed! Serbia surrounded by Hell, evil people with no fear of God and no shame of humanity! How will we Serbians deal with evil people who only thirst for our innocent and sacred blood? Satan is watching us constantly, he is looking for any weak moment when he can leash out at us with his fangs! All Serbian men and women over the age of 21 need to be armed with a high capacity military style handgun with a license to carry any where within Serbia and Kosovo! what will Serbian Cival leaders do with the two female and one male kidnappers? Kidnapping any human being is a very serious offense, especially in this case where these three degenerates had a plan including fake passport for the baby! My opinion is that the most severe punishment be given to all three kidnappers to send a big message world wide for any others thinking they can come and do the same! Serbia is now in a position to draw some of Satans blood. My Dear Serbian Brothers and Sisters, it is justified that we defend our selves from evil. Boze Pravde!!!
    (Dragoljub Djurkovic, 18 March 2015 23:11)

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