1. Zora Zori Amerika Gori !!! USA is a nation totally divided ! USA going around all over the world to dictate human rights policy to other nations but look at the reality inside of the USA what is really going on. In the USA for centuries the African American people are treated as sub humans by the White racist ( German and English decendent's ). Black people severly discriminated in USA only for the color of their skin. White racist police in the USA pretty much given the authority to execute African American people, again like I mention in my other comments " who is really in charge of the USA ". We all see the facts here, a racist White police man ( Wilson ) empties his gun on a Black UNARMED human being in the middle of the day in front of many witnesses and he gets away with murder, no indictment because the jury was 75 percent racist White and the prosecuter a racist White. In the USA Black people with targets on their heads and the USA is going all over the world to dictate human rights policy? The USA likes to dictate to the whole world but in true reality should dedicate it's efforts within it's own borders. USA and the International Community picking a fight with Russia today! How will the USA fight a war with Russia when it can not even control a group of protesters in one small community inside the USA? The govener of Missouri is asking for 10,000 national guard to come in and help control the Black protesters, what a joke, what a circus and what a shame!!!
    (Dragoljub Djurkovic, 27 November 2014 23:47)

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