1. The Hungarian armed forces are in sad shape. Manpower is only 29,400 (about 1/2 the size of NYPD) and there are no real reserves. The active force has a large number of old, out of shape men and females make up 17.6% of the force. There is a complete lack of modern armor and attack helicopters. They have about 15-30 old T-72 tanks in service with another 50-60 in storage, as if you could just drive tanks into battle. They have only about 30 towed artillery pieces. The Air Force has only 14 modern combat lanes (including 2 trainers). Two of these planes crashed recently bringing into question whether the Hungarians can operate a 21st Century Air Force. Most of the rest of their equipment is old Warsaw Pact crap that is so old that it cannot be sold. They refuse to spend adequate funds for national defense and hope that NATO will defend them. We know how that has worked out in the past. The Hungarian people do not have confidence in the military due to a history of poor performance. This is a tiny third world military that NATO uses for police operations against other third world countries. They are rated 20 out of 25 European armies. Even small countries (like Croatia) are rated higher. They will not last more than 24-72 hours in a real conflict. The time will come when Hungary will once again pay the price fro not being prepared and able to defend itself.
    (Al Horvath, 7 July 2015 04:22)

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