1. The daily also reports that Jaroslava Novotna received a letter from a citizen that Flori received a bribe in the amount od EUR 375,000 from Nusret Cena. Novotna replied that “EULEX personnel has immunity from prosecution”.

    Ismet Kabasi, former Kosovo prosecutor, could also not conduct any kind of investigation.

    Novotna said that the provisions of section 3 and 5.5 of the Law on the Status, Privileges and Immunities of the staff of diplomatic and consular missions in Kosovo and the international military mission and their staff (Law No. 03/L-33), do not allow the possibility to have EULEX judge as a suspect in a criminal proceeding.

    What a wonderful, democratic, right-based, law-abiding organisation EULEX is. In fact if we were to give out awards for truthfulness, EULEX would come in at a high second place, with HORSE SH..taking the number one spot on the podium.
    (Goran, 31 October 2014 02:22)

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