1. Novorossian army complains that OSCE personnel became a side in the conflict. They became a shield that the fascists use for unpunished fire at the Russians. As a result the Nazi to control of the greater part of the B-777 crush place to eliminate the remaining evidence of their crime. It was quite predictable as the West works as one command and this is why they excluded Russia from OSCE and appointed Benderastic Roman Bachurkiv’s son to head their mission in this Benderastic state.


    PS Today one of the grant-eater agents of influence ( Trenin from Carnegie Center ) said a very smart thing his American masters fail to understand. He said that the West vainfully waiting for Russia to surrender under the total pressure. All because the people in the West still believe that the war is conducted in Ukraine while the Russians are sure that the war is already on the Russian soil. So the price of the victory he said is stopping to matter.
    (rote, 30 July 2014 13:05)

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