1. Leonidas, I fully agree with your excellent analysis. Yes, the situation economic in France is very bad. And president Hollande's poll rating after 10 months in office is already lower than the rating of any French pesident's before him.
    (Joe, 30 March 2013 02:11)

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  2. Foreigners (Turks, Kurds, Arabs, and others) make up 33% of newborn babies and have a birth rate of 15 per thousand for an average age of 32 years!
    In addition, each year about 500,000 foreigners are moving into Germany completely incompatible German mentality!
    There are now about 14 million non-German ethnic, foreign populations that are very vital and quickly increase their share of the population that is currently around 18%!

    Ethnic Germans have an average age of about 47 years!!!
    Their birthrate is 7.2 promils and with a catastrophic mortality of 15 that is poised for increase in the future!
    Ethnic Germans are today about 67 millions in Germany and every year there are about 500,000 less!
    In addition to that the baby boom generation born in the early 50 and 60is will begin to die out for 2 decades as they will rapidly increase mortality!

    Predictions are that in 30 years, in 2043 there would be only about 48 million Germans while the number of foreigners, with an annual immigration about 500,000 and a positive population growth would increase to 32 million!

    So for 30 years there will be about 40% foreigners and 60% of Germans and Germans long run it will become a minority in their own country!

    They are finished and I as a Serb nationalist like that our old arch enemy will be very soon extinct!
    Just imagine Europe with Germany destroyed and irrelevant,the US in terminal economic decline while Russia has gotten its demographic house in order(14 promils birthrate)
    (CG, 29 March 2013 18:36)

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  3. French President Francois Hollande has stated that he does not agree with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on her European policy.


    This is an overstatement by Hollande to get himself noticed and to show that Frnace still matters and the France/Germany EU axis is still working.The fact is that Germany has left him behind a long time ago.
    Hollande told the usual,old lies to get elected but the world reality is totally different.The world has moved on but Hollande still thinks-like the Brits- that they are 'powers' and that they can somehow pay for a bloated state whilst the population doesn't have to work for it.
    The truth is the gravy train for the population of Europe and it's political class is finished.Even if all these reforms that Hollande promised to implement were carried out right now - fat chance - it is too late to stop France's terminal decline. All the Eurozone will sink with them.After Cyprus the next candidate country to be affected by the crisis looks to be Slovenia:

    (Leonidas, 29 March 2013 14:50)

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  4. The French deficit for 2012 is 4.8%, breaking the Maastricht treaty and clearly missing government targets. French debt is at 1.8 trillion Euros. Peugeot recorded a loss of 5 billion Euros in 2012. Of course this is all Merkel's fault.
    (Nick, 29 March 2013 14:25)

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