1. @ I am a SERB croat and a muslim I don't understand you at all you are not Serbian you are a Jugoslavian ( komunista) you should be ashamed of yourself for bashing ARI GOLD he speaks the truth if you don't like it go to a Jugoslavian site with your albo- trolls NEMA GARDE BEZ....... WELL IF YOUR SERBIAN YOU KNOW THE REST......
    (grobar1, 1 November 2012 13:42)

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  2. Lets be honest , I don’t believe in some positive results, but not because of a bad platform, it is because we cant fixed all mistakes from the past. I also have a fill that this government has more authority, integrity, energy and respectable position in EU and USA to do the best possible.
    (Milan, 1 November 2012 11:53)

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  3. It better disappoint everyone in the ldp if they are being real serbs
    (Brian, 1 November 2012 02:43)

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  4. @ Ari Gold

    Shame on you for not respecting other people opinions. I think you want all the Serbs to bo ultra nationalists just like you. I think the mentality like yours brought YUG to break up.
    (Mendo, 31 October 2012 23:21)

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  5. (Ari Gold, 31 October 2012 17:45)

    And this is coming from the Yank who thinks he is a Serb.

    I was born in Serbia to a Serb mother. You on the other hand live on the other side of the planet. You know nothing of Serbia. You may have a great-grandfather who was a Serb and you may have even been here on vacation and even visited some long lost relative. But that does not make you a Serb. You come here with you silly nationalist comments on what Serbia should do ect. I would actually respect your comments on Serbia if you paid taxes to Serbia, but you don't. You however pay taxes to a country which bombed my country. Then you have the cheek to tell me what my country should do from the other side of the planet with a nice decent meal in your stomach in a warm home.

    I am not bitter with Serbia, I am bitter with my Government. As are many people all over the world.

    And don't talk to me about the "Serbian nation", you don't know what a "nation" is as you come from an artificial country.

    I may have been sad to see Yugoslavia break up, we are all brotherly nations with very similar culture and traditions. It was horrible that all my brothers were fighting one another and I have/ had family all over what once was Yugoslavia, so please don't grief that I'm anti-Serb for not being a Serb nationalist. I am not a nationalist and I am not a communist. I just want what is best and it angers me that there are still so many poor people across Serbia who need the Government's help.
    (I am a Serb, a Croat, and a Muslim, 31 October 2012 19:22)

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  6. Lets be honest , I don’t believe in some positive results, but not because of a bad platform, it is because we cant fixed all mistakes from the past. I also have a fill that this government has more authority, integrity, energy and respectable position in EU and USA to do the best possible.
    (Milan, 31 October 2012 18:57)

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  7. Ari

    All the serbs in NYC call themselves Yugoslavian since the 90's wars began. Why is that?

    Not to single out serbs, but a lot of the older generation call themselves yugoslavian. The reason a lot do is bc during (pre- 80's) this time no one asked you what nationality you were. You could cris cross the whole country and people thought of themselves as yugoslavian. The nationalists were kept at bay and people lived their lives in peace. As soon as the likes of Milo came out you saw the disintigration of a culture that was tolerant of each other no matter what group you belonged to.

    Get rid of nationalism and you'll see all the territories of what used to be Yugo prosper. Stick to Milo's philosophy and you'll see Serbia fall behind. And the economies of Serbia or Kosovo/a aren't that much different.
    (kiko, 31 October 2012 18:47)

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  8. Serbia will "endeavor to preserve its state and national interests, but also to make maximum effort to get a date for the start of EU negotiations as soon as possible".

    But if the conditions from the EU for talks are staying against "state and national interests", there is only one way for Serbia-to ignore these fundamental interests for a "DATE" for "TALKS" which could need years and years and are open-end regarding the outcome, but if Serbia has "sold" for a "DATE" its main interests it has nothing more to offen...possibly a normal trader from the market in Belgrade can teach Dacic&Co. how to negotiate and preserve the own interests? The assistant to Nikolic is asked about some models for Kosovo, but Dacic has accepted in Brussels that the status of Kosovo is not on the agenda or with Ashtons words "Serbia will not ask to do things which Serbia doesnt want"...but this is alo the case for Kosovo and his "big brothers" Clinton/Ashton.
    (Dana, 31 October 2012 18:38)

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  9. (I'm a Serb, a Croat and a Muslim, 31 October 2012 10:03)

    Ahahaha, did you say "we" when referring to Serbia. Listen here commie, you might be a Croat and a Muslim but you are sure as hell not Serbian. Or maybe even Albanian. It wouldn't surprise me, I've met Albanians who still say they are "Yugoslavian"...I swear to God.

    In the mean time, you can stay bitter at Serbia because of your twisted belief that Serbs ruined your Titoist utopia (which if you knew anything about economics, would know it was doomed from the start). But don't tarnish the Serbian nation but calling your self that. You are a 'Yugoslav' who's only positive image of Serbia is to have its weaker neighbors collectively subdue the strongest state in ex YU (as sad as that is) and the largest ethnic group in that space.

    Its ok you can move to Zagreb (if you aren't there already) and take Tito's monument from Dedinje with you before its eventually burned to the ground.
    (Ari Gold, 31 October 2012 17:45)

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  10. "Secondly Moscow pulls the strings here lads and no one else."

    so much for free and independent serbia eh?
    (Nikolle, 31 October 2012 12:45)

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  11. The latest is Serbia will not be in a position to hold talks until June 2013. Then when that time approaches it will be December and so it goes on and on. Around in cicles with no result.
    Boys there is no capitulation on Belgrade’s part at all.
    I know for a fact that Belgrade no longer wants to join the EU but it requires popular backing so it’s doing it slowly with “yes we love the EU” while they are white anting it in the backrooms and especially amongst its people.
    Secondly Moscow pulls the strings here lads and no one else. The best way to take control is to let your opposition wear it self down financially and you walk in without it costing you a Euro.
    Work it out for yourselves. Kosovo is costing the EU an absolute bundle and why would Serbia help out the EU by “normalizing relations”? The EU/US have nothing to offer especially money as some think in this forum but if you don’t believe me ask yourself the question - how much of that 200/300 billion to repair the eastern states will the US set aside for Kosova?????
    (sj, 31 October 2012 11:22)

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  12. They can "discuss" a "platform" all they want but we aren't going to get Kosovo back.

    I wish they'd spend as much time, money and attention on issues which they actually have control over and a chance of resolving such as the economy and creating jobs!

    Dragging out the Kosovo issue is all for show to maintain popular support but they aren't actually doing anything apart from wasting time and money. Ridiculous!

    It is almost as if the only care about the 60,000 Serbs in North Kosovo and don't care about the other six million in Serbia, many of which are struggling to get by, put a meal on plates for their families and struggling to get jobs!

    What about the rest of us???
    (I'm a Serb, a Croat and a Muslim, 31 October 2012 10:03)

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  13. It follows just one day after the demand of Clinton that the "platform" (the main issue is the capitualtion in many aspects to accept de facto the Kosovo independence) is acceptend by all political groups in Serbia.
    (Rick, 31 October 2012 10:03)

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