Ambassador who could not be "more Serb than Serbs"

By withdrawing its original draft resolution on Kosovo at the UN General Assembly in September 2010 - the essence of which had been that "unilateral secession cannot be an acceptable manner in solving territorial disputes", Serbia forced Russia to accept a fait accompli. This completely blindsided Serbia's "sole strategic partner". Russia is in favor of cooperation between Serbia and the EU, but is against Serbia's NATO membership. Judging by the statements from the new ruling coalition, and the first moves made by Serbia's leadership, Serbia and Russia really will become closer, and enter a qualitatively new stage of their bilateral relations.

Andrej Ivanji, Vreme Source:
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  1. I think it would be highly fitting and appropriate if The Serbian Government were to award the Order of the Star of Karađorđe to his Excellency. I would also be most pleased if the Church awarded him with the Order of St. Sava.
    (marKo, 24 September 2012 22:50)

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  2. The guy did good for Serbia and I'm glad he spoke up in front of all those NATO loving sell-outs.
    (Zoran, 16 September 2012 22:43)

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  3. Best wishes for your future endeavors Ambassador Konuzin.

    Serbia has no business joining NATO, Serbia joining NATO who be like asking a neighbour who punched you in the face to share an apartment together. Serbia shouldn't join the EU, but I don't feel as strongly on that topic compared to any suggestion that Serbia join NATO.

    A free-trade agreement between Russia and Serbia would be great, Serbia can manufacture quality products for an affordable price for purchase in Russia.

    I would like Serbia to adopt Swiss-style neutrality policies and be a great country on it's own; however, I'd sooner see Serbia as an autonomous province of Russia than to see another 78 days of depleted uranium missiles fall on Serbia.

    I strongly think a nuclear presence by Russia in Serbia is needed to protect Serbia.
    (Ryan M, 16 September 2012 19:04)

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  4. Clear words: Russia is more Serbian as the Serbs are in political matters. Russia is an interesting market for a nation with similar mantality. But what will Serbia be within the EU? Is there any industry or agriculture which can compete or is demanded by imoporters? Not alt all.
    (Michael, 16 September 2012 11:45)

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  5. "Brotherly Slavic peoples live here... Russia has striven toward this region for centuries. Serbia was, and remains, one of our key partners in the Balkans."

    "You raise me up....!" the stormy sea..." Who are the other next "partners"/ victims?
    (EA, 16 September 2012 10:37)

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  6. 'I would like to wish to Serbs that they recapture the faith in their own strength, that they find inspiration in the examples set by their heroes and their history, that they strengthen their national unity around the idea of building a new Serbia - that they guard every inch of their Serb land, which was safeguarded and left as a legacy by their ancestors. Russia will always be your closest friend.'

    Indeed, Russia always has been, and always will be, Serbia's best friend and ally. Thank you Ambassador Konuzin for your full support, and I do apologize for the treasonous fifth column that exists in the Serbian political scene to this day. You have been a true Serb, and we will never forget this:
    Thank you for shining a spotlight on the fifth columnists, as you did so beautifully at that security forum. Good luck and all the best for your future Ambassador.
    (Dragan, 16 September 2012 00:46)

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