1. LOL to 'truthiness' comment. He should be a journalist for massaging the 'facts' and ignoring others that don't agree with him.

    Fact: 'Men & Boys' is not a recognized judicial term, 'civilian' or 'soldier' or 'paramilitary' are. The ICTY called them 'Men & Boys' for PR purposes because it would be a lie to call them 'Civilians'.

    Fact: Most of them were members of the armed forces of Bosna i Herzegovina, and listed in ArBiH documents as such. For the uninitiated or the limited, that means they were Soldiers.

    Fact: Of the ArBiH soldiers that refused to surrender at Srebrenica and then went to Tuzla on foot, more than on third were carrying arms. That is not 'unarmed' in anybody's book.

    Fact: They were not killed at Srebrenica, but in several different places outside Srebrenica or on the route to Tuzla, either executed or in combat. It's all there in the ICTY documents.

    Truthiness also forgot to say that Sarajevo=Stalingrad (LOL and under seige when the UN had control of Igman and Bjelasnica) and that Dubrovnik was 'destroyed'.

    So, what do we lean about this 'Truthiness'? He is incapable of representing anything accurately and can only make simple comments that even then are ropey in the extreme. What does he bring to the discussion? Nothing, nada, nichevo, nishta. Some people will be forever be stuck in the propaganda of the 1990s and that commenter is one such person who cannot face any other view or facts apart from his own.
    (There's always one, 20 April 2012 14:25)

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  2. Hey NATO,

    please stop shouting... it is annoying to read every comment of you full of capital letters...

    (Svetislav, 20 April 2012 09:35)

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  3. Another sign NATO will abandon Kosovo* soon!
    (Robert1899, 19 April 2012 21:38)

    I suppose you mean KFOR will pull out one day. That's true, UN will draw a resolution one day, but not until Serbia and Kosovo sign a peace deal and Serbian people understand that they can live in peace with Albanians.
    (Albanian Farmer, 20 April 2012 09:13)

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  4. 4 sure, christian americans love us,islamist-expansionist albanians, that is why their persident made a present to us in a form of his wrist-watch. i have spoken - Hashish Touch-me, the PM of Kusuvu.
    (to NATO New Albanian Treaty Organization, 20 April 2012 08:49)

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  5. The MAJOR difference is that NOBODY wants the USA in Afghanistan and the MAJORITY of people..close to 3 million want the USA in Kosova! USA will NEVER leave Kosova. (NATO New Albanian Treaty Organization, 19 April 2012 22:35)

    LOL...not much more to say here. Majority of yanks want to be in 'Kosova'? First of all, Kosova are Bantu speaking people who inhabit the Kisii district of western Kenya.
    I believe you were referring to Kosovo, which is a Serbian word meaning 'Field of Blackbirds'. Just like the word Kosovo, it is pure Serbian, and it belongs to Serbia, and you have once again failed to usurp a culture that does not belong to you, because you have no culture or history of your own - there are certainly zero signs of it in Kosovo. Second, over 90% of yanks have no clue where Kosovo is, nor do they care, and they want their troops brought home and are sick of all the foreign wars tha are bankrupting them. They will bring them home, either willingly or they will be forced to because they can no longer pay their soldiers - this will happen soon. What are you going to do then tough guy?
    (Dragan, 20 April 2012 06:40)

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  6. I see alot of the appologists screaming "the truth is coming out.....'. What truth are you refering to ?
    Persona opinions are not facts or truth - they are just that personal opinions.

    eg- Murder of unarmed,men and boys at Srtebrenica is FACT - ergo TRUTH.
    Bombing Sarajevo is FACT - ergo TRUTH
    Bombing Dubrovnik is FACT - ergo TRUTH

    I choose to view thing differently - is not a fact . It is an OPINION and CHOICE.

    TRUTH and OPINION are NOT interchangable.
    (truthiness, 20 April 2012 04:19)

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  7. NATO will stay in kosovo* if pristina pays the bills, which they can't afford.
    (Robert1899, 20 April 2012 00:31)

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  8. (NATO New Albanian Treaty Organization, 19 April 2012

    This has now become a serious problem with deluded Albanians who see themselves as indispensible components of the west and without them the world will sink into an abyss.

    The reality is far harsher than you can imagine. Firstly, the Serbs were on the same side with the west in two world wars and they still turned on us. Secondly the western leadership of today is exactly as their media tries to portray their “enemies” – weak, incompetent, far less intelligent than their predecessors of say 50 years ago and nasty pieces of work.

    Today these same people work for the corporations not for their constituents and when you say we were allies 20 years ago, their response is “yeah, yeah but what have you done for me latley?” That is what you are looking at, not some bedtime story.

    The Us went into Afghanistan as part of the fight with the Russians over energy as it wanted to control that region and pipe gas and oil through former Soviet countries through Afghanistan then to Pakistan and cut off the Russians completely. There were billion and billions at stake, but the US lost.

    Now what does Kosovo have??? What so called 3 million mouths to feed (this number gets bigger with every telling)???

    Let me put this into perspective for you. Yesterday in Slovenia there were thousands demonstrating because the government is in the process of reducing the average wage (you know the one they talk about being 1000 Euros per month) to more “realistic levels” then on top of that the pensions have to be drastically reduced – these are not my words but the Slovenian government speaking. Why is all this happening? Simple as the nose on your face – MONEY. The EU will NO LONGERB SUBSIDISE SLOVENIA OR CROATIA to show the Serbs how wonderful life is in freedom and democracy.

    On the othersider of the Atlantic, the US had 50,000 troops in South Korea; today it’s down to 20,000. Okinawa is being mothballed, Diego Garcia is closing down and the US is negotiating with Australia to open a small airfield on the Cocos Islands (Indian Ocean) to allow them to fly drones and “make sure that the Straits of Malacca are free and democratic” – what does this mean? It means the US has been KICKED OUT OF THE SOUTH CHINA SEA – that’s what.

    How do you think this Kosovo army will be financed? Where is the industry that will support this expenditure? You know work pay taxes. Even the Indians are putting money into Serbia, but where is the industry in Kosovo?????

    The west is screwing you people big time. Why do you think Pristina is being forced to sign away a lot of their so called sovereignty???? Yes signing those agreements with Belgrade has done just that. It’s because everyone has to pay their way in the new world order and Kosovo cannot do that so it’s back to Serbia. You think this is propaganda, sorry mate its not – the world has been ruled by money since the dawn of time and nothing has changed – Kosovo is no longer of value to the US as it does not have the money and it has LOST the energy war with Russia. Why do you think the Russians don’t really care what the US does in Kosovo because thewy will take over control of Europe soon so why waste money or time – they are in Nis already.

    On the otherside look at Syria, why doesn’t the mighty US attack Syria?????Because the Ruskies will not allow it; that is why and the US has to grin and put up with it. Wake and stop writing crap.
    (sj, 20 April 2012 00:08)

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  9. come on roberto, lenard and the other trolls why aren't calling this guy out. He must be lying! Unfortunately for you, this is a well respected insider which speaks the truth. Slowly but surely more will be coming out and speaking the TRUTH!!!!!
    (Robert1899, 19 April 2012 19:05) Their are always a few crack pots that believe in the unbelievable Serb ludicrous propaganda. The world dose not buy the Serbs/Serbia make believe warmongering as being the innocence total [link] nonsense. As more then 90% are Serbs convicted or standing trial for the worst war crimes on civilians and on a unarmed country of Bosnia not seen in Europe since WW2. Some mention here General Lewis MacKenzie ya sure shows up at Serb picnics paid for his nonsense by the Serbs [link] Serb money is good as any ones but no truth. It was planed by warmongering Serbia to create a Greater Serbia on murder ethnic cleansing in other country's. Keep believing your Serb fantasy's of fantastic lies you sure convinced your self's delusionaly.
    (Lenard, 19 April 2012 23:48)

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  10. Another sign NATO will abandon Kosovo* soon!
    (Robert1899, 19 April 2012 21:38)

    You arrive to some rediculous conclusion by comparing Afghanistan to Kosova? The MAJOR difference is that NOBODY wants the USA in Afghanistan and the MAJORITY of people..close to 3 million want the USA in Kosova! USA will NEVER leave Kosova. They will always have an invitation to stay. Just like Russia opened up a "humanitarian assistance center" in Serbia...The USA provides assistance to the Kosovars, but with nice guns and bombs and an outsourced air force:) The day that the internationals pull out of Kosova will be the day that Kosova's military is ready to defend themselves with the best weapons and training! Also, the USA has over 800 of their own military bases in the world. Do you honestly believe that somehow their base in Kosova is on the chopping block out of 800 bases? Highly doubtful. Also, The Kosovars and Albanians love the USA because they are a great friend and allie who contributed greatly to kicking out Serbia from Kosova. They will ALWAYS be welcomed. I know this stings Serbia:)
    (NATO New Albanian Treaty Organization, 19 April 2012 22:35)

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  11. Denial is hard thing to beat no? Every once in a while a pro Serb diplomat shows his color and you applaud his courage (your version of courage , that is). It is just incredible that to this day the majority of Serbians live in denial ( Yes we know you are all saints right?
    (esteban, 19 April 2012 22:17)

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  12. Another sign NATO will abandon Kosovo* soon!
    (Robert1899, 19 April 2012 21:38)

    You should pray to Slobo that doesn't happen. The minority rights for criminal minorities will be revoked.
    (have fun, 19 April 2012 22:02)

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  13. Hot off the Rueters Press:

    NATO head calls on China, Russia to help fund Afghan forces

    NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen holds a news conference at the end of a NATO Foreign Ministers meeting in Brussels April 19, 2012.

    BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The head of NATO called on China and Russia on Thursday to help fund Afghan security after 2014, as the alliance tries to rally contributions from a wider range of sources before most foreign combat troops pull out of Afghanistan.

    Another sign NATO will abandon Kosovo* soon!
    (Robert1899, 19 April 2012 21:38)

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  14. Yes. Oric recently threatened to squeal on the SDA about 'deals' made before the VRS took over Srebrenica if they forced him to go to the ICTY and testify at Kardzic's trial. Looks like he'll be murdered by his own people in that case. Not that any of us will be surprised.
    (Aleks, 19 April 2012 21:03)

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  15. For mine I only saw sociopaths fighting and mauling for scraps like Trafalgar Square pigeons, those that got in first or came closest to the hand got their feed. Journalism has been degraded to a systematic & talent less process because it was only required for a majority time poor audience. The susceptibility to of an unfortunately ignorant popular culture to disinformation also gave free reign to the wildest stories void of any meaningful accountability or impartiality. Unscrupulous narratives became more and more the pathological behaviour being universally adopted. This behaviour at times required erroneous sensationalism and speculation to keep fuelling the interest or coaching.

    What do we understand now, there wasn’t 300,000 deaths in Bosnia, the Srebrenica story is slowly starting to unravel with inconvenient facts threatening to be voiced, the Greater Serbia propaganda spewed by journalists was found to be disinformation sourced directly from the intelligence services of one warring party whilst ignoring evidences such as plebiscites and constituent peoples rights to remain in Yugoslavia from another. Those journalists have not only succeeded in cementing the dumbing down of the world’s population for longer than a decade with their material, but also handicapped intellectuals from challenging their loose narratives through vicious ad hominem attacks or removal from important positions.

    Fortunately with today’s technological advances (which need to be protected) allow us if we make time and interest the ability to search two sides of a story and objectively deduce to an extent what is truth, what is fallacy and what is coaching. The good thing is slowly the average intelligence of the US citizen now prioritises that war means the “haves” get to fleece their country more, than any unchecked narrative offers to perceived valuable coffee shop conversion. Every journalist or intellectual will have various positions or motivations but when one view is monopolised in the form it was in the Balkan civil wars we are all in trouble. We should also apply this to politicians, their foreign policies and so called neutral organisations.
    (Cvele, 19 April 2012 19:25)

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  16. come on roberto, lenard and the other trolls why aren't calling this guy out. He must be lying! Unfortunately for you, this is a well respected insider which speaks the truth. Slowly but surely more will be coming out and speaking the TRUTH!!!!!
    (Robert1899, 19 April 2012 19:05)

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  17. So instead of helping to resolve Bosnian conflict peacefully, the West just made efforts to prolong war there by encouraging Izetbegovic to reject agreements.
    (aaayyy, 19 April 2012 17:32)

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  18. Amazing!! Someone brave enough to tell the truth. Those that like to blame Milosevic, Karadzic and Mladic instead can read what this diplomat and negotiator has to say. There was an agreement that all sides accepted until the US of A interrupted and convinced Izetbegovic to reneg. As it turns out, over 100,000 deaths later and the signing of the Dayton agreement, the Muslims ended up with less territory.

    Please, when will the West own up to its mistakes and stop blaming Serbians for the misfortunes of the Balkans? Here is someone in the know saying how it was and still is.

    (Queue... all the CNN, BBC and FOX junkies can now start explaining their version based on TV reports. LOL!)
    (Zoran, 19 April 2012 16:41)

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  19. Thank you Stoltenberg for speaking the truth about American propaganda against serbs. Officially serbs are to blame for all the evils in the balkans, but the truth points a finger to croats, muslims and primarily albanians.
    (Tom Tom, 19 April 2012 15:28)

    Powerful Albanians have "forced" you to start wars against Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo?
    (don't mess with the best, 19 April 2012 16:24)

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  20. With the end of the Cold War the Western Powers saw the UN as more of an hindrance than an aid so they undermined it left, right and center and didn't give a damn about the the consequences. Until now.

    Remember in the 1990s when the US continually threatening to hold back funds to the UN and cripple its operations if it didn't agree with what the US wanted? Now that China would more than happily pick up the tab (mere pocket change) that would leave US more isolated from the international community and the balance of power shifting to Asia, the US has stopped threatening the UN because they now need it to protect themselves.

    The same is true of organizations such as the WTO, WB, IMF etc. who were designed to protect future western dominance. As soon as the west needed money, they got their begging bowl out and went to Moscow, Bejing and Tokyo whilst at the same time demanding that only westerners run and head those organizations (Christine Lagarde becoming head of the IMF much to the chagrin of LatAm and the rest of the developing world) and the automatic renewal of WB head as an american. And these same people have the nerve to beg for money from the rest? The US has also lost a string of complaints launched against in in the WTO for their trade protectionism. It has also failed to strong arm the developing world into its way of US and friends first and forever form of business (re the effective failure of the Doha round of talks). How is this possible?

    As for Stoltenberg, there were others like SecGen Boutros-Boutros Ghali who tried to remain professional and not take sides, unlike the dep sec-gen at the time, Kofi Annan who gave authorization to UN airstrikes in 1995 (under the dual-key system) when Ghali was on holiday. Kofi, of course, became the next Sec-Gen.

    Many other professionals were hounded out of their positions, attacked or moved sideways if they didn't not take sides, this includes many journalists in the so-called free media. Martin Bell of the BBC led the wave of journalists making bias moral judgments that has now become the norm. to the point that they become a parody of themselves, like Ed Vulliamy of the Guardian who still calls Omarska a 'Death Camp'. Well hey, why let small facts and 45 years get in the way of a good story? People like Ed are above the law especially when they have ITN to pay the bills (see what they did to Thomas Deichmann who exposed ITN/Guardian reporting at the time). Even the british government directly went after Andrew Gillian over an early morning report he did on Iraq. A few stand up and contradict the mass of propaganda only to be mown down, many others who think similarly get the message, if you don't agree, STFU or it will be you too.

    And the up shot? More journalists have been killed, i.e. deliberately targeted in war zones because they are no longer considered neutral observers but simply peddling patriotic copy for their governments. Wire services such as Reuters, AFP, AP etc. are notoriously unreliable and rarely update or correct their stringers preliminary info which has taken on much more value because most western media outlets have slashed staff and experience foreign correspondents for cheaper and more show biz styled replacements who don't have a clue and are more than happy to repeat hearsay without a shred of evidence. They'll simply stand on a safe balcony nearby and tell you what they see, i.e. data, not information.

    Unfortunately this corruption has become endemic to the point that they will do anything for a story including hacking phones and stealing. So how does anyone actually practice real journalism in such a space? With great difficulty. There are some very good bloggers out there who blow holes through the corporate media BS by actually looking at the evidence if it exists and reading the documents rather than repeating verbatim tired old cliche BS, but they do it as a passion.

    You'd have to be an idiot to accept that the truth about the balkans since the 1990s has been in any way yet accurately portrayed. Not for at least another twenty years will anything normal be accepted in the west after the years of forced history writing by bonehead loosers with an axe to grind.
    (Aleks, 19 April 2012 16:23)

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  21. Thank you Stoltenberg for speaking the truth about American propaganda against serbs. Officially serbs are to blame for all the evils in the balkans, but the truth points a finger to croats, muslims and primarily albanians.
    (Tom Tom, 19 April 2012 15:28)

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  22. 'The former Norwegian foreign minister told RFE in an interview 20 years after the start of the 1992-95 war in Bosnia that he "knew from the first day of the war" that in order to be completely accepted and avoid criticism, "one had to be against Serbs, support Bosniaks (Muslims), and look the other way when it comes to Croats".'

    Exactly! Thank you for speaking the truth, although much too late, but better late than never. The truth is coming out that the western media was completely anti-Serb due to highly paid PR firms such as Rudder Finn, and Hill & Knowlton, being employed by muslims and Croats. In fact I remember the chief at Rudder Finn bragging about how his firm is so good they made the Nazis (Croats) look like angels and the anti-Nazis (Serbs) look like Nazis.

    'Those diplomats, "such as himself", who chose to support a side "based on concrete developments in the field", faced fierce criticism, he added.'

    Indeed they did. Stoltenberg was not the only one. General Lewis Mackenzie, Satish Nambiar, Michael Rose, and any other discenting voice who was speaking the truth was accused of being a 'Chetnik' and completey ignored by war criminals such as Richard Holbrooke, Tony Bliar, Rudolf Scharping, Madeline Albright, Wesley Clark, Joseph Biden, Sandy Berger, William Cohen, Bill Clintonliar and his hysterical wife.....it's a long list of accomplices.

    The thing that these people are afraid of the most is the truth about their support for genocide against the Serbian population, so let's keep hammering them with the truth. Thank you Thorvald.
    (Dragan, 19 April 2012 15:14)

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