1. "To me, the essential issue is - who am I supposed to complain to over the abuse of faith and cloth? On the other hand, former Evangelical pastor Joachim Gauck recently became president in Germany, and Germany is not a poorly ordered country," said Jusufspahić.

    The magical word is 'former'. The German president stopped working as a pastor more than 20 years ago, so there's no conflict with separation of church/belief and politics, unlike in Islamic states.
    (Comm. Parrisson, 9 April 2012 12:07)

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  2. Where are all the rude comments about the dumb, old guy wearing a hat and dress?
    Where are all the hypocrites here yelling about mixing religion and politics?
    (Roger7, 9 April 2012 16:49)

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  3. Headlines already written:

    "I was robbed" says Zukorlić on learning that he had failed to become the next President of Serbia. "The authorities carried out mass fraud to stop me carrying out the will of god" he continued. "There is clearly a conspiracy and an anti-moslem bias at the highest levels of the serbia government who used all possible means to deny my my rightful place as 1st moselm emperor of Serbia. With such a title, I would have gone on to greater heights and challenged Cengic to a no holds barred cage fight to the death to become moslem emperor of all the balkans and fulfill the Izetbegovic Islamska Deklaracija of islam being the preeminent religion of the balkans with pesky orthodox and catholics as mere galley slave equivalents. I thus spit upon serbs and serbia and continue my fight with the faithful backing of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, the great pions of moslem democracy to impose my vision upon the Balkans."

    Copyright 'The Fantasist News Network (Balkans Division)'

    Cedo, Kandic and the usual suspects will no doubt back this up.
    (Aleks, 10 April 2012 00:58)

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