1. typical... too busy with politics rather than everyone focusing on their own lives to improve it for the better.... but yea, working is hard, its easier to blah blah blah at a kafana
    (bojan, 1 December 2011 09:34)

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  2. The Serbian President and Government dont rule Kosovo,
    the International community does.

    The Serbs in Kosovo is therefore on their own because,
    Tadic and company will not Muster Serbia for the protection of the Kosovo Serbs.

    Tadic and company should therefore not try to interviene against the Kosovo Serbs on the behalf of the Empire.

    The International Community blackmails Him on this issue,
    because He is Trapped and Hocked in His EU Policy aspiration,
    although He has no Authority in Kosovo what so ever.

    Tadic is a looser playing a game He can never vinn,
    He has become a so called Usefull Idiot,
    outsmarted by the West,
    caught in His failing EU aspirations.

    So -

    The Kosovo Serbs should prepere for the worst scenario,
    an Albanian invasion of Kosovo,
    and an Exodus of the Kosovo Serbs to Serbia.

    Spremte se Spremte !!!.

    (Arn.Sweden., 1 December 2011 08:15)

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  3. Don't listen to Tadic and let the parliament decide. He has been bought already by the WEST. He is Weak!!
    (PRO-SERBIA, 1 December 2011 08:08)

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  4. That is why it is so important to give these LOCAL Serbs a clear messege the border issues are not your authority/competency and move on with your lives.
    (EA, 30 November 2011 23:01)

    Haha well perhaps you should go and tell them because you obviously think you would be able to communicate that to them better than KFOR who are firing tear gas, water canons, rubber bullets etc.

    Who do you think you are EA?

    So stop ranting on this blog about what KFOR should do because unlike you, we do not bow down to American/German/Austrian & British foreign occupation :)

    And more importantly we do not bow down to an internet warrior such as yourself always trying to say that "Serbs need to be told to get out of there"

    You're only kidding yourself... and every other person that reads your posts :D
    (trizo, 1 December 2011 05:09)

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  5. "It is up to the Serbian parliament to examine the president's political position that runs contrary to the parliamentary declaration that called for the situation (in northern Kosovo) to return to what it was before July 25, and for the dialogue with Priština to be postponed until the issue of Jarinje and Brnjak had been solved. After that, we'll see how we'll proceed."

    Oh, I finally got it... People here are arguing for nothing. The situation is and has been the same before and after July 25, 2011. UNMIK's regulation no 3 that mandates the collection of customs taxes
    for goods destined to Kosovo has been issued in July 1999 and is still in force. Nothing has changed in that Regulation since then.

    In case there is an error and they actually meant for the situation in N. Kosovo to return to what is was before July 1999, that may be a little bit harder because Resolution 1244 has to be repealed at a time when both Serbs and Albanians strongly support it.
    (icj1, 1 December 2011 03:26)

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  6. This is a tragicomedy trying be an opera! Is Tadic a traitor? A dupe? Of course not, but serbians think that UE can be tamed with a soap opera, Tadic don’t asked for nothing real, the barricades is the only path for serbs seems to be on confrontation with the actuality of the Kosovo state and this pantomime needs strong political support for exists and cannot be borne for so long, this is only a transformation of north Kosovo into a fortified castle but now under siege, the sealing of the region and the shaft of the traffic between Serbia and Kosovo by the border out of north Kosovo will put the region on knee, the claims of need of food medical supplies etc etc can be answered by the supplying through Kosovo and north Kosovo with the customs payments for the goods and perhaps a additional tax for payment of the problems generated by the Kosovo´s province, a economic strangulation very harmful to Belgrade, so the medieval battles of Serbian stones, molotovs, sticks and hided snipers promoted the special forces disguised into Serbian citizens against shields, pepper and water cannon of the KFOR is the only and silly way of pretend be a Serbian reaction to the ground reality, this until KFOR be tired of support this comedy and use this real force that ends the joke… So the Tadic movement is calculated for this real goal, the Brussels talks already be proved a farce extracted of a fake report for create an impression of Belgrade is abandoning the real objective of a great Serbia was the previous move, so the real goal is impose to UE the acceptation of Serbia like the only “moral” move for save the “European” Tadic, like “the Cinderella” tale all this will finish at midnight that here means the minute ahead the EU decision. Serbians really believe that are smarter, want ever bay Europe with cheap coins or mirages.
    (Wag the dog, 30 November 2011 23:49)

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  7. Bravo brother and sisters...ignore these sell outs,all of serbia is behind you.
    (goran bogoevski, 30 November 2011 23:25)

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  8. "The issue of barricade removal is a huge issue with serious consequences, for which the municipal presidents cannot take responsibility."

    Of course they CAN NOT now. They created the mess, incited the local Serbs and NOW CAN NOT take responsibility. These troublemakers don't have to worry as REALISTICALLY KFOR should take FULL control to clear the road. What that would mean. The local adventures will learn that they are not in charge and enough is enough. If local Serbs clear the barricades themselves "that will be with their will" which means the can set it up again whenever they like ie if Kosovo custom officer come in the disputed checkpoints and then back to square one/frozen conflict. That is why it is so important to give these LOCAL Serbs a clear messege the border issues are not your authority/competency and move on with your lives.
    (EA, 30 November 2011 23:01)

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  9. Now I can't tell you people what to do or not to do, sitting here safe outside Serbia in Europe. But if I was in Kosovo I would not remove any barricades before December 9. Tadic was very likely forced to say that the barricades has to be removed in front of the December 9 EU decision. Wait at least until then before changing anything.

    It is also very likely the EU will NOT move on with Serbia's EU application the following months. That means the carrot is gone and sticks don't work. Serbs doesn't respond well to threats.
    (kufr, 30 November 2011 22:36)

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  10. stay strong my brothers & sisters tadic is done. after Dec.9 th
    (grobar1, 30 November 2011 22:30)

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  11. Nicely said! Stay there and fight the good fight. Though shall prevail.
    (Daniel, 30 November 2011 22:19)

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