1. Serbia under Tadic is making fools of themselves, without any doubt! Even his most recent sunt in Republic Srpska with the world number 1 tennis player, Novak Djokovic, can not cover his numerous deceptions of Serbian electorate. There is no doubt that Mr Tadic Boris will go down as a traitor in Serbian national history, unless he does a last minute U-turn, which is expected from him.

    A few month ago Tadic's mantra Kosovo and the EU, meaning that he would ensure that Serbia would keep Kosovo and at the same time Serbia would get a membership in the EU (and loads of free money as a reward - which of course is a nonsens - but big layers do not care about "such small details") Ask Tadic now to repeat that mantra and without any doubt he will avoid to repeat his own mantra at any cost. Mr Tadic's mentors have clearly miscalculated how far behind the Serbian public opinion Mr Tadic is and how long Serbian memory is.

    Having all said, Mr Tadic it is time to stop destroying Serbian lives as it is clear that you are incapable of managing a chicken farm let alone Serbia. Please leave withouth any delay, otherwise you risk to lead Serbia to another disaster. Tadic, just go!
    (Winston from Bladon, 3 December 2011 01:10)

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  2. "Mihajloviĉ dismissed the possibility of a new operation Storm happening in Kosovo and pointed out that no one can deny the right of Serbs in Kosovo to survival."

    Yes, no one can now ethnically cleanse 250,000 Serbs from Kosovo because that has already been accomplished - with NATO complicity.
    This time NATO is not just standing by, it is actively enabling the Albanians to finish the job.

    And the figure of 250,000 does not include the hundreds of thousands covertly driven out between WWII and 1999.

    So is Mihajlovic simply an idiot or is he lying?

    The EU has never pressed for the safe return of these Serbs from Kosovo, nor has it pressed for the right of return of Serbs ethnically cleansed from Croatia.
    It abandoned so called "standards before status" for Kosovo and has never even mentioned such pre-conditions for Croatia's membership.

    But it's demands on Serbia are relentless and the Tadic government strives to satisfy them all.
    He's surrendered to the Hague Show Trial everyone they've asked for, regardless of the fact that those Serbs will NOT get a fair trial and will most likely spend the rest of their lives in jail or be murdered.

    And now the EU and the US appear to have set him the task of giving de-facto recognition to Kosovo independence in exchange for some kind of third class EU candidate status for Serbia.
    This would be a trinket that he could then wave about at the upcoming election campaign.
    Should he indeed be re-elected they will certainly next demand outright and open recognition of Kosovo independence before any further talk on EU membership.

    Tadic and Mihajlovic must know this, but they continue to pretend to run with the foxes while hunting with the hounds, hoping to claim the thirty pieces of silver AND the crown of thorns.
    (Ver Ami, 1 December 2011 14:26)

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  3. Mihajloviĉ! It is obvious that it is no longer true. your boss had a 360 degress turn on his policy on Kosovo. Dont fool the Serbian people.
    (PRO-SERBIA, 1 December 2011 08:20)

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