1. @gino & lazar

    Lol I hope you two losers have a fun time insulting the Serbian Orthodox Church, hey maybe you should invite cedo jovanovic along, im sure he would have a brilliant time! Its good to know people of the likes of you represent such a tiny percentage of the Serbian population.
    (SCP UK, 28 November 2011 16:34)

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  2. Hi Lazar
    I love and agree with everything you wrote. I can empathise with what it must feel like being a non stereo-type Serb. It was like that in Ireland up until few years ago. If you weren't a catholic who listened to a certain type of music, wore a particular type of woollen jumper and drank Guinness like a fish you couldn't call yourself Irish.
    Next time I'm in Belgrade I'll buy you a drink.
    (gino, 28 November 2011 00:08)

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  3. c9

    Wow,I never knew that an athiest would need to have a turkish name,your logic (or lack of its rather) is just amazing.Aside from your low IQ and your lack of knowledge,even of our own history,I am surprissed at being called a communist.Sure i am left wing but i am not a communist and i dont have a fond opinion of Tito either,but then again i bet that would require you to think a bit more in order to undestand,something which is clearly beyond your capability.I also just explained how Serbia is not solely based on religeon,so you might as well educate yourself while you have the chance and read a bit more of my previous post.And whats wrong with calling myself what i am?ie a south slav which is a Serb?As for church i already explained,i simply got better things to do on a sunday,like living in reality.As i have said before,if you like religeon its fine,i cant help but think we should try something different for once other that leaning totally to one religeon whether it be Islam,chritianity of communism.Yes i respect your views,still does not prevent me from seeing it a nonsense.

    But you are right in implying one thing,you do really follow your bible ,as your argument and the good book have one thing in common:they both make no sense what so ever.

    In short,lets just say that i dont think like you do , i would not be very Serbian if i did.
    (Lazar, 27 November 2011 19:49)

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  4. Just one question,i consider myself a Serb but i dont hate any other Yugoslav nation per se,ie Croats,Bosniaks and so on.I am not orthodox either and ihate the church or any religeon and think its corrupt.I think both those nationalist organisations like Dveri and the neo-nazi organisations in Croatia is just as bad.I dont like to glorify any faction in Yugoslavia becasue they all commited atrocities.Am i still Serbian in your view?
    (Lazar, 26 November 2011 12:15)

    Ok lazar so in other words your a communist or a "Yugoslav". Individuals like you are the reasons why Muslims and Croats get the upper hand on serbs in political situations and conflicts.. Serbia's whole history has been based on religion and if they had the same mentality as you, you would be a turkish name of Hamet or Anil. This new generation crap needs to stop in how, "im different" . How is being serbian orthodox corrupt? one can't have a country that just wants its own land with no conflicts with another religion?

    you don't see Serbians living in iraq and practicing their religion.. No one is telling you that you have to be a priest but to respect and have some values. It's your type of thinking that there is a problem in Kosovo to being with at the moment, because of your buddy tito.
    (c9, 27 November 2011 18:45)

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  5. We should understand that there is a difference between molesting toddlers, like Robert M. in the Netherlands did, molesting elementary school children like this guy did, and molesting high school children. Ironically, it is religious CONSERVATIVES who try to muddy the water in this respect.
    (Columnist, 27 November 2011 14:13)

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  6. well said lazar i agree
    (sivkovic, 27 November 2011 09:54)

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  7. Lazar,

    I agree that religion can brainwash people in masses especially when things from the bible are taken too literally and the meaning is lost.

    I don't live my life according to how the bible says I should but I do listen or follow some teachings that I feel are honest & just.

    I may be called a hypocrite by some religious fanatics but I don't mind because It doesn't bother me in the end what others will think. I don't follow every thing and I don't believe a lot of the bible is true. I'm not scared to admit this because I don't have a fear that if I don't believe one thing then maybe I won't believe it all.

    You sound exactly like my girlfriend when talking about religion. I think your opinion/view is fine. I am not someone who tries to press religion on anyone but I am someone who does try to not let the name of 'religion' be tarnished and degraded in all light.

    I hope people can still see that religion has many beautiful things that can help lead us in the right direction and see good from bad. I don't think it needs to be viewed that it's only motive is to dictate to masses how to live to make very few at the top wealthy.

    We all know how rich the Vatican is and we all know how many paedophiles
    that church(and others) has bred.

    I guess the reason we don't hear of Serbian priests paedophiles is because they are allowed to be married and have families unless they are higher up in the ranks.

    I think abstaining from sex (catholic priests) is wrong because I don't think God would have ever wanted someone to not use & enjoy their body or have the opportunity to reproduce.

    The islamic church has bred fundamentalists who 'kill' in the name of Allah. I'm not saying they teach this in the qua'ran or anything but the fundamentalists have identified themselves as muslim.

    My opinion is that if noone believed in the basic principles that came from religion i.e. ten commandments (thous shalt not kill, thou shall not commit adultery etc etc) then there are not really any other teachings as such to guide people for good humane life.

    Anyway i respect your view i hope you respect mine.
    (trizo, 27 November 2011 01:37)

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  8. How fitting that a church goer thinks that because i insult religeon i insult our culture.let me tell you i love Serbian Culture,i dont like the church as an organisation.The Serbian identity is what the Serbian revolution of the 1800's is :democratic,secular and enlightened.And yes i do compare Dveri and neo-nazism in Croatia,not in atrocities as you like to conjure up out of nowhere,but in their beleifs yes.Why not? they are both far right on the political spectrum roughly.As for religeon,hey you beleive in it if you want,but i dont need any priest or imam or whatever telling me how to live my life.Religeon exists as you said,because it gives people security.but what is better to face the facts of life upfront and with confidence that we have one lifetime or to hide ourselves in a facade of beliefs that we are somehow meant to lead our lives as if we were in prison.I am fine with morals but not norms and conformism as is the case with religion.I hate religeon in general because it controls people,it brings fake and false confort to the masses in order for the people at the top to enrich themselves.Course there are people with an honest commitment to these beliefs,but even in the bible aside the pages of love thy neighbour and all that there are stories of Fathers attempting to murder their sons and god allowing the systemating slaughter of entire peoples,sorry but thats just fact.And there are also obvious flaws in the very story of the bible and other abrahamic religeons.yet I love our culture even when its church related,i love our architecture and art and the old fresco's and manuscripts.The problem is that we have to move on as a nation,not just Serbs but all Yugoslav peoples.The middle ages are gone,we have to move foreward.I admit reliegon has helped in many ways in driving forward humanism and knowledge,but in many more cases the advancment of knowledge was surpressed by religeon.

    You dont have to feel unfortunate for me at all,i love it that im not brainwashed and can face reality in the face.I dont need any afterlife,i can life the best of the life i already have.I dont need a set list of rules to tell me whats right and whats wrong,i can decide that for myself,and so can all of you.
    (Lazar, 26 November 2011 23:07)

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  9. rrrrrr u are right i did go.kind of off topic. in regards to this news article all i have to say is marko p is a big time hypocrite.
    (deki, 26 November 2011 22:47)

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  10. @deki.... you really didnt read the post. it is funny how quickly you switch things up to fit your limited worldview.its not a left right issue. its ignorance vs. non ignorance. even though i doubt u share the same views as this nazi pedo, you definitely demonstrate similar ignorance.neo nazi serbs are the lowest order of being in the serbian nation. bittom of the intelligence pole. we are ashamed of them.
    (rrrrrr, 26 November 2011 16:06)

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  11. @ Lazar,

    You're an atheist Serb. I agree with SPC UK that there is no similarity between neo nazi groups in Croatia & the Orthodox church.

    I am Serbian orthodox and I like the feeling I have when inside a church, It feels pure and sacred. I feel a good energy and like I am safe.

    I agree that a lot of religious organisations are corrupt and they steal money. I don't agree like this and it hurts the church but at the foundations of the church are good teachings and good values.

    My girlfriend is from Brasil and she is not religious but it doesn't bother me because I don't think people have to believe if they don't want to.

    I don't like it when people (like yourself) say "i hate the church(Serbian) because it is a negative comment on something I identify myself with. I prefer it if people just say they are not religious.

    I think religion helps us stick together and is a huge part of our culture. I think your perspective about it is what moulds your overall view.

    I like you also don't hate any ex Yugoslav people... I do hate some of their leaders. And I also hate anyone that hates my people or my race
    (trizo, 26 November 2011 15:15)

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  12. serbians have to grow up and separate religious mumbo jumbo from defyning their culture. we dont live in the medievil ages anymore. church is nothing more than a political party no wonder the number of followers are dropping as people become more informed.
    (deki, 26 November 2011 14:28)

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  13. @Lazar

    You are a Serb because your ethnicity is Serbian. But for you to say that Dveri and neo-nazi Croatian organizations are the same displays a huge amount of ignorance on your part and is an utterly wrong statement. The ustase in Croatia murdered hundreds of thousands of people and still to this day glorify it, where as Dveri for example do not kill people, but even their opinions although patriotic, are not violent and extreme anywhere near as much as the ustase, so such a comparison is wrong.

    Although it is in my view very unfortunate that you are anti-church and anti Serbian culture, that is just your view, technically you are a Serb, it is just a shame you betray so much of the Serbian identity.
    (SCP UK, 26 November 2011 13:55)

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  14. "any serb who claima to be a neo nazi is.... not a serb, not intelligent, and knows little of what real nazis - german, croatian, hungarian and bosnian muslim - did to serbs in ww2shame"
    (rrrrrr, 25 November 2011 22:23)

    Being a Serb, a Russian, or even a Jew doesn't stop people to become neo-nazis with their extreme nationalist and hate ideology against other people, other societies and minorities.
    (Comm. Parrisson, 26 November 2011 13:05)

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  15. Just one question,i consider myself a Serb but i dont hate any other Yugoslav nation per se,ie Croats,Bosniaks and so on.I am not orthodox either and ihate the church or any religeon and think its corrupt.I think both those nationalist organisations like Dveri and the neo-nazi organisations in Croatia is just as bad.I dont like to glorify any faction in Yugoslavia becasue they all commited atrocities.Am i still Serbian in your view?
    (Lazar, 26 November 2011 12:15)

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  16. rrrrr if history serves me right nazis were a political party in germany something kike your beloved right wing ones.

    but you go on believing everyone who aint a pravoslavac was a nazi lolololol
    (deki, 26 November 2011 08:30)

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  17. Any Serb who is a neo-nazi is either retarded or has no clue in the ideology he claims to believe in. The Nazis hated Slavic people almost as much as they hated Jews, they viewed all Slavs as 'sub-human', and the fact that this man is also a pedophile is not just even more contradictory but utterly disgusting, such people shouldn't live.
    (SCP UK, 26 November 2011 02:50)

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  18. any serb who claima to be a neo nazi is.... not a serb, not intelligent, and knows little of what real nazis - german, croatian, hungarian and bosnian muslim - did to serbs in ww2shame
    (rrrrrr, 25 November 2011 22:23)

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  19. A Neo-Nazi and a Bi-Sexual Peophile. A double extremist!
    (george miletich, 25 November 2011 15:44)

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