PM: 2011 will be better

BELGRADE -- EU accession will be foreign policy priority next year, which will be better than this one, Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Cvetković told B92.

Source: B92
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  1. The Empire of inequity, that dark, dank hollywood western set with false front buildings is collapsing(thank god). As long as the Serbian regime is attached at the hip to this natyion of criminals and morons called the USA-Serbia will suffer. LIBERTAD SERBIA
    (milan, 31 December 2010 22:06)
  2. We shall ban Deda Mraz too.
    (D. Popovic, 31 December 2010 18:37)
  3. The EU won't be a cure-all for Serbia - and probably not even good. Serbia will be treated as one of the lesser, or perhaps the least, of the EU members. Just look at how there are special rules and rulings against Bulgaria and Romania - restrictions on them and their countries, for example.

    Serbia has damaged itself already by changing things just to please the EU. It's economy is very bad, it's debt has gotten worse, the unemployment is severe, and so on.

    There's still plenty of trade going on between Serbia and the EU countries so why do Serbs feel the need to get in the EU so bad?
    (ida, 31 December 2010 15:09)
  4. And with the S. Stream's vital importance to Europe's existence and thanks to Russia's guidance, we'll be in the EU before gas starts to flow through those pipes - under OUR FAIR TERMS. The S. Stream liberates W Europe from paying for Middle Eastern energy with irresponsible immigration policy as Italy, France & Germany take tougher stances on the issue the closer they get to Russia, meaning that Serbia will play a key role in reviving Europe by its inclusion in both organizations CCCC
    (highduke, 31 December 2010 10:39)