1. With the exception of the Russian-German bloc the rest is the greatest load of tripe I have had the misfortune to read. I strongly suggest that you apply for a job at the Economist or even better that other propaganda sheet “Foreign Affairs”. Both of these publications live in pixy land where the US is the “be all and end all” and the rest of the world lives off “not by bread alone” but from every word that’s muttered from the US. The pro-western media have turned into the new prophets of the coming Messiah. If this was the 1960s, I’d believe you because the US then had the money, but it’s the 21 century.

    “…the polish and US blocks….” What exactly is Poland going to do here? Fly superior F16s? What is it going to live off – American preaching? Now it would be very nice if you can tell the Poles where their next delivery of energy is coming from now that the new gas pipeline has been built to bypass Poland. What a new Nabucco? I can see that the US has done wonders in Kosovo since 1999; new infrastructure, jobs aplenty - paradise on earth.

    Try running your industry on hot air and see how far you get. If you think that energy is not that important then ask yourself why did the US go into Iraq? Please don’t repeat that rubbish about freeing the Iraqi people – that’s a tad over used and reserve it for the American public who seem to swallow this non sense a lot easier than the rest of the world.
    (sj, 31 May 2010 05:41)
  2. Russia-German cooperation is not a case of if but when. Russia is adjacent to rapidly industrialising China and India. The US is on a long-term path of economic and military decline. Poland is irrelevant and a small country and will be forced to have greater ties with Germany and Russia. Greece should look not to the IMF and EU but to China, India and Russia - and that is happening. This will be followed by the rest of the Balkans. And then the borders of the Balkans will be redrawn.
    (George, 28 May 2010 22:28)
  3. If Germany disavows its Adenauer legacy, many of the horrible problems that it faced in the first half of the 20th century may return wit a vengeance. “what it is that members of the European Union owe each other and what controls the European Union has over its members” ? If we look at the root of this question we need to go back to the first mass transfer of resources from one country to others made by free will – the Marshal plan. The US did not owe anything to its European allies, but decided that it was in its interest to revitalize their economies. And it did assert certain control – it did not allow the communists to come to power in any West European country – a very possible outcome at least for Greece and Italy. Adenauer then realized that Germany must first of all be a part of the West – and that meant accepting the American lead, irritating as it sometimes was. The current crisis shows that purely “European” solutions to strategic or grand economic problems are impossible. The Solutions must involve the US, its military support, its diplomatic prowess, its financial underwriting. Greece will be saved by both EU and IMF, its future financial behavior should be controlled by both. As for the alluring possibilities of cooperation with Russia, they should be utilized, but by a common Western approach. This will be beneficial for all, including Russia. The good outcome would be Russia to become what Germany in the era of Adenauer was. But if Germany becomes what Russia is (or what it was before Adenauer), the world must brace itself of a lot of trouble!
    (nik, 28 May 2010 10:54)