Europe, wake up!

Can anyone save me from europessimism? I feel more depressed about the state of the European project than I have for decades. The eurozone is in mortal danger. European foreign policy is advancing at the pace of a drunken snail.

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  1. In 1940-41 the Nazis took over Europe and put an end to the traditional nation state centered patchwork system of independent countries. In 1944 when the Nazi Reich collapsed, the continent was divided by the two not truly European powers – The USSR and the USA. They both put en end to the traditional FULL sovereignty (already destroyed by the Nazis) and imported their systems of communism and free market capitalism. Capitalism worked better than communism, it improved living standards, and made people feel comfortable with the limited sovereignty of their nations, with borders that became more porous and finally became meaningless. With all the efforts to create United Europe, everyone sensed that Western Europe prospered because it was an outpost of an American centered system (call it an Empire if you wish). De Gaulle might have deluded himself about the real facts, but Adenauer knew the reality and rejected the Soviet offer for quick unification at the price of Germany staying out of NATO. The hapless people left behind the iron curtain wanted to free themselves from Soviet domination in order to JOIN the West, not to restore some historical sovereignty of their own. Only most of the peoples of Yugoslavia, that strange construction that was kind of a no mans land between NATO and the Warsaw Pact put nationalism over integration with tragic results. The authors is right, the power is shifting from the Atlantic to Asia, where there are huge resources, lots of cheap labor and little concern about rights and freedoms. So the question is how the American centered system of free, democratic capitalism (comprising the US, Canada, Australia and Europe) will fare in the new environment. This is the community of nations that the Western leaders must seek to protect. After all the Germans have more in common with the Australians and the French more in common with the Canadians than either of them with the Greeks. Wake up Western world!
    (nik, 24 May 2010 07:26)
  2. This is what you get for copying Sovjet and replace kommunism with capitalism, Milton Friedman with Lenin...

    Market-dictatorship at it´s best...
    (Beria, 23 May 2010 08:47)
  3. London got used to ring the alarm bell only on it's own purpose - that's why EU optimistic citizens (like me) can smell that there's something fundamentally wrong in GB - figuratively spoken - some kind of MCD - Monetary Crises Desease - and Cameron behaves like British Petrol before the dirt came up to surface.

    The lack of private savings in the anglo-american economical sphere were and still are the biggest problem in the actual economical crises. God save the British Pound!
    (joga, 22 May 2010 15:13)