"UK support for EU aspirations"

LONDON -- Following talks with British counterpart David Miliband, Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremić says that the UK strongly supports Serbia’s EU path.

Source: FoNet, Beta
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  1. There is very easy and simple way to prove if that video from mladic is from 2002 or 2008!Just find the girl which appears in that video and compare the difference from that video and now.If the video is indeed from 2002 then she must look much more mature/older,not a teen as she looks in that video...!But the question is: Is Serbia willing to catch him yet?
    (Common Sense, 1 July 2009 03:59)
  2. I cant believe that they would even allow these in our country.Why is jeremic shaking his hand?If SErbia joins EU we are done.God bless Serbia and our holy church!
    (Dragoslav, 1 July 2009 01:28)
  3. So now the UK states that they want Serbia to progress to the EU "in a few year's time". Please....EVERYONE now in Europe wants to be "Serbia's Big Buddy" and to join the EU- but always remember talk is cheap. While these countries are heralding Serbian progress towards the EU, they are applying extreme pressures to break Kosovo away from Serbia. It's good that Jeremic, Djelic and Tadic all smile and shake hands with these enemies of Serbia....but don't let these countries, that have recognised our Kosovo as independent, fool you- they are not truly our friends until they agree to support Serbia's complete sovereignty- with Kosovo! Anything less is NOT true friendship!!!
    (Rick, 1 July 2009 01:20)
  4. The current puppet-regime really enjoy banging their heads into the €U brick wall, like a mantra in a lunatic asylum.

    Every day a new happy outburst: Just a few more banging sacrifyses and we will see the paradise on the other side.

    There is nothing to be found there and whatever it is, it´s not for us. I would happily send Jeremic into his beloved Festung Europa and free ourselfes from his madness. We belong to the east and the future
    (fux, 30 June 2009 19:51)
  5. Kosova USA, as your name would suggest, nothing that Serbia does would appear ever to change your blinkered and one track, monotonous view of her as a country. When will you and your ilk start to actually view things in a slightly more realistic and pragmatic fashion. 46 out of 48 accused arrested and extradited, do these honestly appear to be the actions of a country determined not to fulfill what is being asked of it? How many other countries can boast such a high percentage success rate? How many other countries would put up with an illegal land grab and still resolve to deal with it in a peaceful legal way? How many other countries have such an ethnically diverse population and yet have to endure such ethnic intolerance in the aforementioned grabbed land? Please try and show a little balance when you make your posts and try to say something a little more constructive and fair minded, it makes for much more interesting debate.
    (UK, 30 June 2009 17:50)
  6. Olf

    You worry about Kosovo's hurdles to overcome to get into the EU. There are A LOT more of them than Serbia does, Serbia is not a country under construction, like Kosovo is, and has a fully functioning economy, which Kosovo doesn't have.
    (Peter Sudyka, 30 June 2009 16:33)
  7. Unitl Serbia and Kosova have issues to solve Serbia is staying put, no EU. After all, why would EU take more problems aboard.
    (Olf, 30 June 2009 12:50)
  8. Maybe those EU countries that are blocking Serbia's EU progress on this issue are only too glad they have got this an excuse. Otherwise they would have to invent a new reason to deny Serbia EU entry, and be sure they will do that, when the time comes. There are countries in the EU that fear a rich, stable Serbia more than a poor unstable one.
    (Dr. Honest, 30 June 2009 10:43)
  9. Asked about the recent footage released of Ratko Mladić and the claims that some parts of it had been filmed recently, Jeremić said that none of it had been newer than 2002, and that the Serbian prosecution had already submitted the material to the Hague Tribunal earlier.

    Let say is true for the sake of argument, that the video is from 2002. Still that shows that Mladic is living a luxury life in Serbia or at least till 2002 as FM claims. Why was not arrested then? The truth of the matter is that he(Mladic)is still in Serbia and having a field day by reading this articles about him.
    (Kosova-USA, 30 June 2009 10:21)