1. The guy in black attacking could be one of the four,and probably is but it is not in a certianty. It should be more than enough for the police to consider him a person of interest, but by iteslf it leaves reasonable doubts.

    Hopefully the police will question this guy covertly and get him to spill the beans-people like this sometimes think that such actions make them wonderful and they like to talk about how they smashed someone good.

    I hope mr wonderful gets a tour of jail
    (marKo, 28 June 2009 20:49)
  2. yes, this is the second clip. its published on serbian version of b92 ;)
    (ivana, 27 June 2009 21:31)
  3. I may be missing something that is more obvious to someone else. I watched the clip twice and I did not see anything incriminating whatsoever- is there a second clip?
    (marKo, 27 June 2009 18:01)