Media maneuvers in wounded society

The iconic Serbian broadcaster B92 was founded in 1989 in the expectation of a new era of media independence. But Serbia had reckoned without Slobodan Milosevic. With rare exceptions, the media became a key part of his nationalist propaganda arsenal. Along with other courageous publications and individuals, B92 survived the war into the new, more open media climate. But like society itself, the media bears the scars of war, writes B92 founder Veran Matić.

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  1. It's certainly for promoting "freedom of speech" that B92 censored my comment.

    "freedom of speech" is a great thing as long as it's conform to your interest, isn't it? This selective permission for "freedom of speech" has always been granted, even by the most totalitarian regimes.
    (Joachim, 29 March 2009 19:44)
  2. freedom of speech ?
    what about freedom of questions ?

    what about a report on the role of GEORGE SOROS and B92 ?

    answer that !
    (sophia, 26 March 2009 19:57)