SAA implementation under way

BELGRADE -- Implementation of the Serbia-EU Interim Trade Agreement begins in Serbia today, following the entry into force of changes to the Law on Customs Tariffs.

Source: B92
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  1. Hi.
    I was unsure whether to classify this remark as suggestion or opinion. Regarding your poll, I think it is very likely that recognition of Kosovo will be put forward as a condition. If Serbia accepts this condition and recognises Kosovo for integration then it will never be clear how many other countries would, over time, have supported membership without recognition. Therefore it will never be clear whether or not it was a truly essential condition that could have been circumvented, and you will never know the true answer to the question regarding whether it would have remained an essential condition rather than a suggested/requested condition. Consequently, in effect whether it turns out to be a condition could be thought of as the choice of your leaders to allow it to be a condition at any given time. That is, unless the resolve of the EU is known with absolute certainty, it is only a suggested condition until accepted at which point it takes on the appearance of having been an essential condition. Perhaps an alternative phrasing for your poll question could be "To achieve integration, will Serbia give in and recognise Kosovo? If so how soon? In future years will it prove to have been unnecessary or a mistake?"
    Other suggestions for questions: "If Serbia recognises Kosovo, will the EU speed up integration or will it find another condition then another then another etc.?"
    "Are the benefits of EU integration greater than the costs?"
    "Are the people of Serbia aware of the costs of membership?
    e.g. Very rigid restrictive laws regarding farm practices, government aid within your own country, freedom for businesses from other countries to come in and compete, perhaps with more expertise and ruthlessness, possible loss of your car industry (as in UK), huge exodus/migration of many of your educated talented young/middle aged people to clean toilets etc. but earn more money, rather than stay and help the growth of Serbia.
    "In a future Serbia which has recognised Kosovo, joined the EU and perhaps prospered, how will people feel if then Kosovo joins and under the rules of the EU, Albanians are again move north and are allowed to enter Serbia, claim benefits etc.?"
    (Meirion UK, 30 January 2009 23:51)