Halimi in warning over south

PREŠEVO -- An ethnic Albanian leader in the Preševo Valley is questioning whether the government has a plan for southern Serbia.

Source: B92, FoNet
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  1. Serbia is making this move with diploma, so that after few days, officially state that OK we will recognize again, but we want more paperwork. You will see. Arben Xhymshiti, Presevo
    (Arben Xhymshiti, 2 September 2008 11:36)
  2. I agree with George that Serbia should recognize the UP diplomas because it will have to recognize them very soon anyways, so why loose time? What I don't agree is that Serbia built that University as this was loaned money to Yugoslavia which Kosovo was part of that. The sad thing was that only very small of money that was supposed to go to Kosovo at that time, it actually went there. Let's see: How many highways went through Kosovo? How many factories got built in Kosovo such as: auto factory, ammunition factory etc...? All of them got built in Serbia and a lot less in other regions and almost none in Kosovo. That`s why it was so much hunger to up rise for independence even if it meant to go to a war... Anyways, the point is that Serbia needs to be the leader of peace and stability in the region otherwise the innocent Serbs will suffer the most.
    (AJt, 1 September 2008 04:23)
  3. @ George

    Recoginition of diplomas or degrees is based upon national or international recognition of accreditation.

    I doubt Pristina U has either.
    (Hajduk, 1 September 2008 02:20)
  4. I am proud to say that Diplomas of school from Kosova are recognized all over the Europe and US. Me myself, I have transferred from University of Prishina to an University in US. All my credits have been transferred, it was just perfect, I continued my studies without any problems.
    I just dont understand why people here make comments that don't contain truthfulness at all.
    (IA, 1 September 2008 00:22)
  5. Should Serbs recognize diploma from University of Peistina?YES because Serbs build that University for Albaniens and NO because not even US recognize diplomas from diferent countries. Not a big deal.Get diploma some place else because nobody in Europe will recogneze diploma from Pristina.
    (George Nelson, 31 August 2008 20:07)
  6. and Serbs wonder why don't trust their reassurances that they 'have changed.' Keep it up this way and soon and Sndzak and Vojvodina will split (many Serbs were in Montenegro too.) How do you want to join the family of Europeans nations when you don't respect minorities? Are you trying to make the Presevo Albanians leave too? It will backfire like in Kosova
    (Dashnori i Ceces, 31 August 2008 19:00)