1. I think that some of you are under the impression that the newly independent Republic of Kosova should be treated just like (then) newly independent croatia and later bosnia were in the 90s, where you could set up your "cleansed" areas with all of your own rules and regs. that was then and this is now. learn from the past.

    (and b92, stop the political censorship of my postings!)

    (roberto, 1 September 2008 07:02)
  2. Hruz:
    Back at the start of April, 'mouthpieces for brussel's', 'K-albanian mouthpiece's, & pro K-albanian camp was saying that EULEX would be deployed over the whole of Kosovo in June.

    Never happened. Fiction.

    Is now September & once again the same story surfaces - this time with Krasniqi saying that new full-deployment target is October.

    Pardon me for being sceptical.

    K-albanians feeling brotherhood for the serb minority?

    Tell it to the serb youngster who was sent to the critical ward after being attacked by a K-albanian mob.

    Tell it to the 2 serb KPS officers who were attacked by another K-albanian mob simply for doing their job.

    Tell it to the patients of the serb hospitals who have been subjected to critical shortages of their medication due to continuous disruptions of supply by 'Kosovo customs' - despite signed agreements with the WHO that demand otherwise.

    Tell it to the people still under armed protection in the serb enclosures in the south.

    And tell it to the fairies.
    (peter, sydney, 1 September 2008 06:18)
  3. Well then that would mean sitting down with the elected representatives of the Serb Assembly in Mitrovica and hammering out a deal over who EULEX will work in Serb sectors, and how the interersts of the Serbs will be respected in this.

    If EULEX extends through rational negotiations, then great. If Pristina wants to extend its reach in places where it is clearly not welcome, I'd say this is more rhetorical fluff than anything else.
    (Mike, 31 August 2008 18:03)
  4. Yesterday we had Rupel expressing is outdated opinion and today we have kindergarten children making up stories. B92 scraping the barrel once again for something to publish.

    Isn't there anyone credible you could write about?
    (ZK UK, 31 August 2008 17:00)
  5. Is he trying to say that the North is lawless and experience high rate of unemployment thus stays undeveloped while South seem to be booming in its development while unemployment scores very low rate. Is this man delusional or what?

    As for EULEX deployment in the entire province I will just quote my late grandmother who, every time hearing me dreaming out loud of something impossible, used to say “Dear child such level of imagination is the first degree of madness”.
    (bmrusila, 31 August 2008 15:11)
  6. Plain wishful thinking!!
    (Jevic, 31 August 2008 14:27)
  7. Peter, Sydney

    Then this news is good for your fellow people, at least someone will take care of you, since Belgrade's actions have been counter productive.

    If there were a few Albanians in Kosovo feeling brotherhood for Serbian minority, they are getting tired of the kind of people that you reporesent perfectly...
    (Hruz, 31 August 2008 14:16)
  8. This the same 'EULEX' that was supposed to be operational over the entire territory of Kosovo a couple of months ago? Good luck.

    Save it for your gullible public Krasniqi.
    (peter, sydney, 31 August 2008 11:31)