1. kufr
    Seeing how it is a long and complicated process. And the people get to narrow the field down to these 2 and then decide between the 2 is a true democracy, that works.
    Has for 230 years. The fact that the views on this one issue are pretty much the same gives you a picture into how the people of America feel not just the president.
    I am very happy that irregardless of the outcome of the election the United States of America is going to support an independent Kosovo. It's relationship with Serbia is 100% Serbia's choice. No one holds any animosity toward the citizens of Serbia and all channels are open as long as it does not interfere with the freedom of Kosovo.
    (heyhey, 31 August 2008 10:13)
  2. True, Belgrade should not expect any change in US policy.

    On the other hand, the US is today no longer the sole almighty power that it was in the 1990s. Its influence in the world is still there but clearly diminished due to the rise of countries like Russia and China .... and due to it being too clever for its own good by getting bogged down in Iraq, Afghanistan and its economic mess from its subprime mortgage fiasco and living beyond its means on credit in the 1990s so that it has more debt today than the whole of Europe combined.

    You only need to see its impotence over Georgia (apart from its still big mouth spouting threats) to see that the relative strengths in today's world have definitely shifted. And for the better too!
    (lowe, 31 August 2008 06:10)
  3. I wonder, is it really democratic to let the people choose between two identical alternatives? And this is in a country that is trying to teach the world about democracy. What a joke!
    (kufr, 30 August 2008 21:26)
  4. I agree with 1 & 2. But hope that 3 is re thought. EU does not need another rogue state. And to admit to NATO would be the same as having a direct camera hook up to Putin.
    (sp, 30 August 2008 19:15)