1. Does any one else find it a bit telling that we are reading about Albs living North of the Ibar? You would never here about Serbs in southern K. Mitrovica going on a rampage. Albs would not, and do not, tolerate Serbs living in Southern K. Mitrovica.
    (Anthony, 1 September 2008 20:24)
  2. bmrusila

    You seem to be well informed about Pristina politicians, since you label them criminals.

    Now, would you explain me that the North of Ibar is a sanctuary of peace :)

    Where the miority leader is a wanted criminal, where ambulance cars are used to distribute hand grenades, and the hospital is the MUP headquarters?

    Please travel there and look around, after that make your comments in B92.
    (Hruz, 1 September 2008 13:00)
  3. Freeman,

    Milosevic was true democrat when dealing with you Albanians, that is the fact and face it. As for thugs in Mitrovica, do you really have guts to point fingers at Serbs when the news item clearly stated who the victim was and what you fellow Albos did to this young man?
    (bmrusila, 31 August 2008 18:13)
  4. Mr. bmrusila,
    You are right, Milosevic was a criminal no need to debate on that. As for you dealing with Albanian disobedience, first deal with you Serb thugs in Mitrovica and then talk about us.
    (Freeman, 31 August 2008 16:50)
  5. When I read comments such of Freeman’s calibre, I get impression that Milosevic was a true democrat when dealing with Albanian disobedience.
    (bmrusila, 31 August 2008 14:59)
  6. Dear sir,
    Its quite obvious that we cannot live civilized next to albanians and that complete division is required. The northern part of Kosovo should secede to Serbia and the other enclaves should be swaped in a land deal, similar to what Israelis are proposing to the Palestinians. Then we should build a very high wall all around their border and so have the complete control of the situation. A bit of high voltage electrical fence wouldnt hurt either. That seams to be the only solution. If the Israelis did it why not Serbia?
    (goran mihajlovic, 31 August 2008 11:34)
  7. And yet another attack on a serb by a group of K-albanians - in the north where serbs are a majority.

    That new constitution of theirs that the K-albanians like to trumpet about is starting to look pretty tarnished by now.

    A gang attacking a teenager.. how brave. KLA retiree's?

    Arrested any of that gang of 40 K-albanian thugs that attacked those two KPS officers yet?

    Aurel, Tirana:
    > These are criminals not albanians or serbs. Be objective.
    Very well - these are likely ordinary K-albanian's who by their actions can now be classed as K-albanian criminals.

    > You must respect the laws of the country and then, only that will the people respect you.
    Look in the mirror 'Freeman'.
    (peter, sydney, 31 August 2008 09:36)
  8. did you know that countries that are receiving largest portion of USA support are the
    countries where human rights are most severely compromised?
    K-Albanians can count on their support as long as they beat up non-Albanians.
    (veki, 31 August 2008 03:40)
  9. When you read what the Albanians have written here you would get the impression that this ONE Serb was armed to his teeth and took on a few Albanians.
    Let's all remember, that this youth was alone and more than one Albanian beat him up.
    So, how can you say things like, cry me a river, when it's obvious he was attacked by a bunch of cowards. Only cowards attack in numbers against one person.

    This rubbish about obeying the laws is laughable. What law did this guy break? Go on, tell us, what did he do since you know exactly what happened. Where was the police to arrest him?
    Stop trying to excuse your thuggery by blaming the victim, AGAIN.
    (Peggy, 31 August 2008 02:51)
  10. Bring Eulex in North of Ibar and this nonsense will end!

    Has been 9 years since the war ended,Eulex should control North Of Ibar,otherwise they are becoming a joke!!!

    It is a complex situation,I know,but this nonsense can't be dragged forever,either you do it or let us do it!!!

    Or,if is there any other positive solution for both sides,please do it now and spare us all of this misery,
    please just do something or let us run the show!!!
    (louie, 31 August 2008 02:47)
  11. CRY ME A RIVER. the Srbs need to understand that as long as they keep themselves closed from the rest of the world this will happen. You must respect the laws of the country and then, only that will the people respect you. stop crying like Albanians are beating you up every day...
    (Freeman, 30 August 2008 22:49)
  12. I condemn this isolated incident, but this group doesn't represent the whole State(not province). These are criminals not albanians or serbs. Be objective
    (Aurel, Tirana, 30 August 2008 19:44)
  13. And the filthy EU/US politicians keep insisting that Serbs and Albanians should live together in harmony. Political will is overlooking the lives of citizens. Greed is a powerful motivator.
    (papajohn, 30 August 2008 19:09)
  14. The campaign which Albanians have been leading for the best part of this centuary against Serbs in Kosovo and any other Balkan race has mostly been allowed to occur as the greater powers at the time have saught to exert their influence on the region using the Albanians as their pawns I.e an enemeies enemy is your friend.

    However this sort of aproach and opportunistic behaviour can only go on for so long and after a while Albanians will find themselfs in a precarious position where all their enemies have their hands untied and shall we say "things will come back around".

    Pray this brave Serb get better.
    (Vuk, 30 August 2008 16:57)
  15. The one must stay only speechless after this. I am sure Bajram Rexepi applauds after learning what his boys are capable of. While we read this piece of news, those criminals are maybe already rewarded for such honourable deeds.

    However, what the one can expect from these criminals while the province is run by the criminals themselves and where the criminal activities escape the investigation and facing the justice.
    (bmrusila, 30 August 2008 16:25)
  16. Serbs in North of Mitrovica didn’t care from armed KFOR, in middle of the day and in international protection force’ nose the burned customs offices and injured many police from KPF, now right there in North of Mitrovica, they are portrayed as victims of unarmed Albanians minority living there. What a crocodile cry! Do you think that world doesn’t monitor the situation and decide independently, who is the victim in Kosovo especially on gang occupied part of North Mitrovica? Common men, you can do better then just lie your own nationals.
    (Independent, 30 August 2008 16:19)