1. Well ZK according to the definition Slobodan Milosevic was much closer to a dictator. Some of the concepts, my personal favourite; cult of personality (you know pictures on the wall, badges, the single heroic figure, such as Seselj). Then we have abuse of elections (Slobodan Milosevic), repression of political opponents (Slobodan Milosevic), repression of free media (Slobodan Milosevic / SRS government, with SRS in charge of media).
    (bganon, 31 August 2008 12:35)
  2. Serbia should not bow to the US & EU dirty policy.

    DS lead coalition should be kick out of power.

    SRS / DSS / NS have to unite in the next election to unseat the Western puppets in goverment.
    (Jevic, 31 August 2008 07:29)
  3. Sometimes people ask what is the criteria for considering yourself a Serb?

    You can be a muslim and be a Serb.

    You canb be a jew and be a Serb?

    You can be anything you want to be-and live free. Brotherhood and unity.


    NATO (North Atlantic Criminal Organization)
    (Milan Radosavljevic, 31 August 2008 03:15)
  4. ZK dictatorship? That sounds like desperate language to me. What is the definition of a dictatorship?
    (bganon, 30 August 2008 22:01)
    Look it up in the dictionary. It says "DS party run by Boris Tadic" in mine. ;)
    (ZK UK, 31 August 2008 01:45)
  5. I think it is a good idea from Toma's perspective. He might stand a better chance of ridding the party of the Seselj loyalists through moderating SRS with DSS. Although one can never be sure with Kostunica, he could easily betray Toma as he did last time, when he did a number on him for Speaker.

    From a DSS perspective the idea is bad news, the party will be swallowed. Frankly though, who cares? Its not like that party has a chance on its own any more, so they might as well play a more useful role for Serbia in moderating a much, much larger party.

    ZK dictatorship? That sounds like desperate language to me. What is the definition of a dictatorship?
    (bganon, 30 August 2008 22:01)
  6. How long will Mr. Nikolic takes Serbian population for a bunch of dumb idiots? How long will Mr. Nikolic use lines said in Hollywood movies to make his speeches of hatred and of agressivity? How long will Nikolic speak of the president as a dictator when the SRS is in a big part responsible for making this country called serbia falls very low... For making the population of this country lose everything. Why doesn't Mr Nikolic instead explain us how come his party has access to money that was stolen to the population and protected by russians? This money that was stolen to Serbians when the Communism fell. When will Mr Nikolic presents to us his plan for creating new jobs in Serbia? so families can have bread on their table. When will Mr Nikolic presents to us a concrete plan to keep Serbia stable? When did Mr Nikolic started directing movies in which his great right hand, Aleksandar Vucic is trying to deserve an oscar by trying to look like he is being beaten by a policeman? When will this joke cease? This is really becoming ridiculous. Those Radicals are really taking Serbian population for a bunch of retards and it would be really nice that they stop that.. But I think they will never, because when comes the time to speak of serious matters and when come times to show a bit of intellect, the SRS is not anymore able to say anything since they are not qualified enough.
    (mp, 30 August 2008 15:10)
  7. SRS are the only people left, along with DSS/NS that are a chance of making Serbia a strong nation in the long term future. If Serbia eventually gets into the EU with this government, I think that only Belgrade and its surroundings shall be left as Serbia in the future. Serbia needs a strong leader like Putin, although unfortunately it seems as thought the weak are the only ones that get into power. I feel so,so much for the poor people that are once again being blinded by a government that is once again 'conducting policies in Serbia's interest'. Sigh.
    (Zoki, 30 August 2008 14:57)
  8. I'm not sure uniting under the same umbrella is a good idea Tomislav but I believe some co-ordinated action between the opposition to keep Frankenstein on the operating table is the best possible move.

    This dictatorship must not be allowed to function and must face the consequences of selling out Serbia. Russia and China are getting stronger while the West is about to capitulate so keep the pressure high.
    (ZK UK, 30 August 2008 14:06)