Serbia to launch Egner probe

BELGRADE -- The Serbian War Crimes Prosecution has today applied for a investigation to be conducted against war crimes suspect Peter Egner.

Source: Beta
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  1. Well, I've already made clear my opposition to Egner being tried in serbia. first of all, i believe the justice system there lacks objectivity or independence, not to mention credibility. then there is the issue of genocide: does anyone within the justice system have any clue what genocide actually means?

    in addition, there is the issue of extradition: I THOught that there was no extradition treaty, or so we have been led to believe, betwn serbia and the US, so that the dear belgrade regime couldn't possibly extradite that burly basketball player that beat the hell out of the american student within a few heartbeats of his life... much as they would want to. so someone here is just not speaking the full truth :))

    nevertheless, if serbia does try this "ex" nazi, they'd better do a good job of it, and strive to uncover the broadest truth possible, rather than smooth over the uncomfortable details (for ex. all of the wARtime collaboration in serbia.) these crimes (in the main) were committed against MY people, and we will be watching most closely.

    thank you.

    (roberto, 30 August 2008 05:23)