1. Miri,

    I don't disagree that Karadžić should stand trial. However, the above mentioned documentary was discredited at the Hague. The Beeb's English translations were generally not used during the Miosevic trial because the translators informed the court that they were, at times, outright fabrications.

    When the court allowed the already discredited "award winning" documentary to be played, it was typically translated by the court translators.

    I don't know Serbo-Croatian well enough to tell who is saying what. However, I will not take the word of the BBC on this issue. I'm not so naive to think that if the Beeb maliciously altered what people said that they can't edit enough to make someone "say" something they never said.

    Now I'm not saying that Karadžić didn't say what you've claimed. Lord knows I've heard some whopper lies and threats from the Bosniaks, Croats and Serbs. I'm simply saying that I'm not taking the Beeb's discredited documentary as valid evidence.

    I hope that the prosecution in this trial chooses not to stoop to the level the BBC did in producing the documentary. The truth is more important to the Balkans than some side "winning."
    (cizinec, 1 August 2008 01:59)
  2. Let me get this right.

    Karadzic made a deal with Holbrooke and the US. Disappear from public life to avoid prosecution.

    Why would he do a deal if he believes he is innocent????.

    Sounds like Karadzic knows that he's guilty. Good Luck Rado.

    (Jonny, 1 August 2008 01:56)
  3. He looks terrible...

    did any americans see cnn putting up videos of "hooligans in beograd" when it was actually proteesters in busdapest?
    I like to think of myslef as a moderate and impartial thinker but this is getting very fishy...
    (MP, 1 August 2008 00:45)
  4. Paulo, we are ashamed and we should be. Our leadership congratulates itself on this and calls everyone who is opposed a hooligan.
    We have sold Serbia's dignity when we sell people to this court of slander
    (Marko, 31 July 2008 23:07)
  5. Karadžić is gonna be another Serb to uncover the hypocrisy of the Tribunal and the Anglo-Saxon world as a whole. Very likely this man can become another Geogy Dimitrov in the history to say "You are afraid of my questions Herr Reichminister !" Finally those Serbs who has made deals with their conciousness and voted the Tadic gang have a good chance to stop and try to turn the events back.

    Unlike Slobo whom most Russians feel sympathy and whom most of the Serbs hate Radovan is a uniting figure. Now that he is to be judged by the same man who has recently set free Haradinai and Oric murderers Radovan have a good chance to serve this last time for his Motherland Serbia.

    In any case it was also stupid enough to arrest a man who will prefer to die than to live in a disgrace like many Serbs do. So he may shake up Serbia enough to diverse it from the degradation route toward nowhere ... Then possibly Serbs will stop changing changing the memories of the cetnics for chewing gums and unrealistic integration talks.

    (Oh those Russians !, 31 July 2008 22:14)
  6. "Karadžić said that there was an irregularity concerning the date of his arrest. He told the Hague court that he was arrested and held in an unknown location for three days, without the right to have an attorney or make a phone call. "

    So SerBIAN government waited 30 mins later after Bush and Kosova Leaders gave a press conference!

    Nice spin Serbia but you are kneeling down, slowly and surely!
    (hahah, 31 July 2008 20:36)
  7. I would like to see Tadic and his newly appointed butler, Dacic, sitting in a Serbian court in Belgrade, to answer to the Serbian people.
    They need to tell the Serbian people why they sent fellow Serbs to a court that was created to blacken the name of Serbia, to weaken Serbia, to make false accusations of imaginary 'genocide', while the REAL genocide was actually perpetrated against Serbs (Krajina, Kosovo, parts of BH). Why did these people send Serbs to a proven anti-Serb court, while at the same time not demanding that Solana, Holbrooke, Albright, Wesley Clark, Clinton, Blair....answer to the same court why they killed civilians for 78 days, why they dropped cluster bombs on markets, why they murdured make-up women and janitors in the RTS building, why they caused 100 Billion dollars in damage to Serbia's infrastructure needlessly (and never paid it back), why they supported mujaheddin fighters in Bosnia (several Al-Qaeda members), why they sponsored the ethnic cleansing of all Serbs from Krajina (this is genocide), why they supported human/organ traffickers/terrorists/separatists in Kosovo....it's a very long list. I certainly hope the day comes, very soon, when I see Tadic and his cohorts answer these questions before a court of law.
    Like the SRS has said, treason is a very serious crime.
    (Dragan, 31 July 2008 19:33)
  8. brumsila, while you and the other keep complaing, the world has taken notice.

    Why don't you check it out from the very mouth of those that you claim are innocent.
    In the link below, pointing to an award winning documentary by BBC, "Death of Yugoslavia",
    please concentrate on the part where Karadzic blantly says to Izetbegovic that the muslims of Bosnia will be exterminated.
    Karadzic kept his "word".
    Unless you claim that the Karadzic in the documentary is an impostor!!
    (miri, 31 July 2008 19:07)
  9. I hope they pay well , for Karadžić.Whats happens with the Serbian people?Selling people.Shame on you.
    (paulo, 31 July 2008 19:02)
  10. I hope Hague can protect Karadzic until Karadzic gets the chance to tell the world about what Holbrooke really did.
    (kufr, 31 July 2008 18:53)
  11. I cannot believe that Karadjic
    is being charged when George and Co , responsible for deaths of more than one million people , displacing 4 million and destroying the economic infrastucture of a country that was working well , are still free to cause wars .
    Watch now how some criminals are still pushing a war with Iran under false pretences like WMD in IRAQ .
    Karadjic is just a diversion
    a media circus to pretend that "Justice ", whatever that means here in Europe is done . Given the track record of that tribunal I fear for the life of Radovan .
    (skeptical Man, 31 July 2008 18:43)
  12. This will be unpleasant to many oolitical criminals in America and Europe, since it will be in direct, and since he does not have anything to loose. He actually does not care, his moment is coming again.
    (italy, 31 July 2008 18:17)
  13. Oh my god, they found Darth Sidious!



    (Zlatko, 31 July 2008 18:16)
  14. I'm just curious to see how long this "trial" lasts. That is, assuming that the accused does not conveniently choose to hang himself or suffer a fatal heart attack in his cell. I wonder if Richard Holbrooke has the same thought?
    (Kieran Martin, Ireland, 31 July 2008 18:15)
  15. I think that Radovan Karaditz
    will be tied and convicted because he was courageous enough to stand for his own people and fight more powerful countries. (Leonidas, 31 July 2008 16:07)

    in this trial Karadzic - and noone else stands infront the court.

    I also don't agree with PRN. the way conflicts were solved in the past - including the treatment of accused or convicted people - has to get on a more human level - and the victims have to understand this, too. we cannot change the past, but change ourselves for a better future. what you are doing, PRN, is prolonging the conflict by humiliation.

    I think, The Hague is not the best solution - but there is no better one. most comments here prove, how necessary this court is to disrupt individual responsibility from political or ethnical motivated condemnation.
    (rolerkoster, 31 July 2008 17:50)
  16. Every Serb in some position of power or authority during the Yugoslav wars of 1991-1999 has either been killed, tried, imprisoned or is being hunted like an animal.

    Most of the murderers of Serbs and other architects of the destruction of Yugoslavia have generally been hailed as heros and vindicated of their crimes by this political institution.

    What justice have the Serbian mothers of the victims in Krajina, the vilages surrounding Srebrenica and Kosovo received?
    (Nemanja, Connecticut, 31 July 2008 17:44)
  17. Another PR exercise by the ICTY, the kangaroo court set up by NATO to take revenge on the Serbs.

    The verdict of the Karaditz trial has already been decided - the rest are only formalities.The same fancied
    words of genocide will be used by the prosecution in order to satisfy the western

    As Ramsey Clark,the former US
    Attorney General said after the Milosevic trial " charges
    remain as charges if they're
    not backed up by facts".

    I think that Radovan Karaditz
    will be tied and convicted because he was courageous enough to stand for his own people and fight more powerful countries.
    (Leonidas, 31 July 2008 16:07)
  18. I think he SHOULD NOT have been sent to the Hague, but to Sarajevo court, to answer the thousands of mothers left without their loved ones.

    Everyone knows that he will be sent to life imprisonment but live in luxurious prisons of the EU.

    too bad for the victims...
    (PRN, 31 July 2008 15:21)
  19. bmrusia,

    Nobody needs the slightest imagination to figure out what will be his plea. Predictably "absolutely innocent" will be his answer just like yours would be.
    What a disgrace - as you would say - to pretend that Serbs ever committed any crime.
    (Joe, 31 July 2008 14:50)
  20. "...You were eating souvlaki ([link]) at a city of Crete called Rethymno. Out of the blue a group of 8000 persons came close to you and started ennoying you.
    As a medical doctor you were cultivating alternative plants at Zoniana village ([link] ).
    You were under the influence of those plants and you did react in a probably not so appropriate way..."
    Abstract from R. Karadjic's defense tactics under the guidelines of a Chania (city of Crete) lawyer. :-)
    (Nikos, 31 July 2008 14:34)
  21. Karadžić is accused of genocide, involvement in genocide, murder, deportation, inhumane acts and other crimes allegedly committed against Bosniaks and Croats in Bosnia-Herzegovina during the war in the former Yugoslavia republic.

    -At the beginning of the war in Bosnia in 1992, the villages around Srebrenica (Bratunac, Skelani) and Srebrenica itself were ethnically cleansed of the Serb civilians by the Muslims. It was at the very beginning of the war. About these criminal events that took place between April 1992 and 1993 no one was bothered to write and publish. Some 4000 Serbs were slaughtered in this area.

    However, in Medias all over the world the one could only hear or see the one side stories of evil, bloodthirsty Serbs taking actions against poor and “unarmed” Muslim population. If they were so poor and unarmed the question is who committed the crimes against the Serbs at the very beginning of the war. Oh, right, it must have done by the Serbs themselves. It was actually Serbian DB master plan to execute all these Serbs in order to frame Muslims (usual Albanian argument when it comes to the atrocities committed against the Serbs by their lovely KLA).

    Having said this here is just an attempt to refresh memory of the honest people and to somehow prevent the oblivion of these events.

    I don’t know what will be his plea but I know what would be mine.
    (bmrusila, 31 July 2008 12:52)