1. These stories are always tragic wherever they happen, especially when children are involved.

    Ataman - I agree with Bmrusila that, sadly, you're right about people not being able to afford safe cars in Europe.

    But what about seat belt laws? I know that things are very tough financially, but when I've been in Serbia hardly anyone uses seat belts, even if they are fitted. And no childseats seem to be used. Maybe the government should do something about this when tackling road safety.

    Mind you, when I was last in Naples I was amazed! Not only were people not wearing seat belts (quite common in many countries), but I saw one driver with a child on his knee as he drove on a main route. I'm not saying this is typical, but you would be stopped immediately for doing that in the UK and probably lose your license.

    I've noticed that one thing happening in London is the increase of cyclists who have no helmet, no lights and ride all over the road. I assume that these are people who can't afford the ludicrous prices of running a car.
    (Kate, 30 July 2008 08:31)
  2. You are right Ataman every word you said. I don’t know anything about the safety of the cars in the USA but Serbia is disaster.

    On the other hand Hungary has very good roads that many European countries can only admire them, my deepest respect for that.
    (bmrusila, 29 July 2008 21:04)
  3. Not sure, more people died on the roads of ex-YU in last 10 years or during the entire 9-year conflict. I would not surprised if the numbers are close or even the first is higher.

    For the first case: a Golf driven by 19 year old "rear-ending" a Zastava and a child in Zastave dies (presumably instantly of neck injury). It's almost 100% clear, who is the guilty.

    All my sympathy with the family. Several children of us were born during our very-very long stay in America, all American citizens. Their vacation was to go back to Europe and stay with grandparents. Now we see one vacation ended in tragedy. My relatives in Hungary and Russia and my friends in Germany and Serbia had hard time to understand our reservation about these small and unsafe cars they are driving. I am far from praising America, but honestly, most cars driven in Europe would be considered in America unsafe at any speed. And as the price of cars and gas... it's completely artificial. A family is the backbone of the society. A family-based minivan can be bought in America for under $20000 new. Of course, last year model and of course after a week of negotiation and with some compromise. That $20000 is one million Dinar or three million Forint. SAME car is being sold in Hungary for over EIGHT million Forints. Sorry, a middle class family SHOULD afford that 1 mo. Din/3 Mio Ft car. But what is asked in Europe is completely bogus. They want us to have at minimum two, preferably three children - but also want to get the max. of taxes? It's insane and sometimes people pay with their life for not being able to afford a car they normally deserve.

    Sorry Serbia, sorry Hungary - here USA is well ahead. :(
    (Ataman, 29 July 2008 19:08)